NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


anyone who wants to see why Ben Simmons is highly rated watch the Philly v Miami highlights with no Embiid

Will be a monster in 2 years.


Ben stepping into another 3. Missed but at least he’s shooting


Lakers likely to fall 2 games below .500, down by 5 with 19 secs remaining against Memphis. LeBron with a triple double but shooting 8/21…


76ers doing their best to lose it


Sixers failed to ■■■■■■ defeat from the jaws of victory. Is there a more vulnerable team down the stretch than the Sixers? Won’t go far in the post-season if these brain fades aren’t addressed.

What the? S.N.A.T.C.H isn’t a naughty work (used in this context anyway…).


■■■■■■ is a censored word? LOL!


Hahahah! I know!! :rofl:

Well … I really only just found out!



Boban got hurt, that didn’t look good


Harden’s 30 point streak ends at 32 games.


The Lakers are clearly in the Essington phase of their build.
We play well when up against better opposition but struggle against terrible teams.

The starting lineup is pretty screwed. I think Rondo needs more minutes and Bullock needs to come off the bench.
A month ago, I would have said Ingram needs to come off the bench, but he’s stepped it up recently. Looks like he’ll finish the season just like he did last year.


It would take a miracle now for the Lakers to make the playoffs.


Nah. They flat out do not play defence AT ALL against any team now. They have given up 115+ in their last 15 road games or something they said during the Grizzlies game.

LeBron has had enough and you can tell by how he is speaking to his “teammates” and even the game before with players like KCP chucking up double teamed bricks when the game was on the line. I feel for him. They only play on one end of the floor and they still play to about 60% of what they can due to horrific coaching and brain dead players such as KCP, Muscala, Chandler, Hart, Stephenson etc all soaking up minutes.

That moron of a coach used 5 timeouts in the first half and took ones needlessly during the first quarter when the team did not need it and then was left with 3 for the second half and cost us dearly in the clutch. The guy plain and simple has no idea how to coach.

His defensive and offensive “strategies” wouldn’t pass in little league. I’ve never seen more stagnant offensive plays and totally lost defence which borders on a joke night in night out.

He needs to go.


Out of interest, who do you think we should target?
Some have mentioned Mark Jackson, but he must have coached whilst I was ignoring all things NBA.
Is Jason Kidd considered?

I definitely don’t want Brian Shaw. I think it needs to be someone with very little Lakers background.


I think they will wait to the end of season when some other teams let go of coaches and make a decision but by then it will be too late. He is ingraining a shitehouse culture into this franchise that was already in a downward spiral before LeBron decided to join.

I’ve heard that we are heavily interested in Monte Williams, how good is he? I have no idea.


I think if they fired Walton now, they’d appoint Tyronne Lue. But yeah Jackson and Kidd are probably the only other noteworthy candidates if they wanted to change it up now. But what for, to get the 8-seed and get swept by Golden State? Let’s be real though, before LBJ got injured the Lakers were 20-14 and sitting 4th. They went 6-12 without him, and now I have no doubt he is playing whilst not 100%. For every great win, like the one in Boston or beating Houston the other day, they get beat by the Pelicans without AD or lose to Memphis today.


Don’t waste time speculating…just ask Lebron who he has chosen



It’ll be whoever he wants it to be.

Just like Lonzo, Ingram and Kuzma will be traded if it means getting the King something he believes can win a title.


Wow when you watch well coached teams like portland you really understand how bad the lakers coaching is


I just can’t get enough of Rob Parker right now.