NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Hmmm the Knicks are now winning games…


This is what Knicks do.

They disgust me with their junk game victories!

Just farking tank you carnts.


Bottom 3 get the same draft odds, so no harm in winning until you catch Chicago (who are also winning)
Knicks are still 3 games behind Chicago.


Yep, unfortunately the Knicks have a touch of the Essingtons when it comes to changes too the draft.

The year Essendon finally got a priority pick it changed and we ended up with Jetta rather than Selwood.

I have no doubt the Knicks will finish bottom three.

I’m actually relatively happy with some of the young Knicks this year.


Add those Young Guys to Durant, Irving and AD and you should be fine next year


I would be happy with just two of those three.

It’s the Knicks though, so not getting carried away.


Dwyane Wade with the most ridiculous back to back 3’s to win the game on the buzzer vs Golden State!!! Man that was special.


‘this is my house’ indeed.


Tobias Harris turning it on the 4th!


Ben triple double, but not a big night offensively (11 points). Just turned the ball over at a crucial time, OKC timeout, Philly up 4 with 32 secs remaining…


WOW, that’s Philly first win against OKC since 2008. Thunder has won the past 19 against the Sixers!


Still in awe of that wade 3.


Jazz beat Denver in Denver without any of their 3 point guards.
Jingles playing point forward with double double 15/10


Pau Gasol to join the Bucks after he’s bought out by the Spurs.


incredible game by trae young


good baller but would suck his own ■■■■ off if he could, you can be good without being an arrogant twatstick


Ingram having 31 today. This month he has had 19, 20, 12, 11, 19, 19, 27, 29, 32, 23, 31. Not Earth shattering by any stretch but not diabolical as many have suggested using the pick on him has been. Quietly proving the doubters could have got it wrong, long may it continue.


4 overtime’s normally helps with the stats.


That’s why the whole AD thing is so mental.

The young crew is young and they are impatient.
2 of 3 of Ingram Kuzma or Ball will be superstars.

Just such a stupid idea to try and trade away the future.


Good game happening in Philly right now. Dubs up 4 with a minute left. Meanwhile the Lakers are down 17 to the Suns in Phoenix with 1 quarter left.