NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


When LeBron choked on those two free throws I knew it was over for the Lakers.

Suns haven’t won a game since January 12, it’s ■■■■■■■ March lmfao.


Lakers now 4.5 games behind the 7th/8th spot with 20 games to go.
Still in with a chance, but it’ll need to be a historic run.
I don’t recall a team sneaking into playoffs from that far back.


We won 2 games ago, against the Heat!


yeah and since then we’ve given up on tanking…


I watched the back end of the Lakers v Suns on League Pass. At timeouts they keep the cameras rolling, sometimes they show the cheerleaders but other times, especially today, they focused on the Laker bench. At all the breaks the guys doing talking and motivating the rest of the team were Chandler and Rondo. LeBron didn’t contribute at all, never said a word, never went and encouraged his younger teammates in Kuzma and Ingram, had no input in any of Walton’s plays. He was always the first player to break from the huddle. He’s completely disengaged from his teammates and the coaches. Absolutely inexcusable. Great player obviously but this season will probably do more damage to his reputation than anything that went before it. The end of his 1st spell at Cleveland, The Decision, having a 3-6 record in finals, etc…


I love beating the Lakers.

Holmes’ block on LeBron :heart_eyes:


Most teammates hated MJ, didn’t they?


There were plenty at Washington that hated him.
I can only think of BJ Armstrong who didn’t get along with him, but that’s mainly because he left Chicago when Toronto came into the league.
Cartwright didn’t get along with Jordan before the winning because Jordan wanted to keep Oakley at the Bulls.





The best player in the league is totally disengaged and doesn’t want to be on the court.

There is no way in hell that this team will make the playoffs and they have totally and utterly checked out.

The franchise is turning into the Knicks.

We are a total rabble.

We were a better team last year lead by Julius Randle than we are by LeBron.


Can you blame him? Imagine the utter garbage that Magic and Pelinka would have promised him at the start of the year? And now look where we are?

He has totally given up on this season and the players around him aren’t up to chop at all.

Kuzma has been solid and Ingram was utterly woeful to start the year and is now picking it up a bit but is heavily inconsistent on both ends of the floor.

Walking into practice or an arena and seeing Luke Walton there would leave me needing inspiration also. The man is a fraud who was gifted a career at the Lakers due to who his old man is and the same has happened post playing career. A below average player and an even worse coach.

A lot has to change this off-season but it might be far too late by then.



Wow, didn’t think Bogut would be back in the NBA. Minimum would provide good rim defense and a good experienced backup centre for a contending team. Always an interesting time of the year to see where Free Agent/buyout players end up landing…


Bogut is an ■■■■. So he will go to Golden State


I’d have to disagree with you that the team was better last year than this year. Last year’s team was 4 games below 500 in December and never recovered.
Last year’s record also looked better because teams were tanking after the all star break.

The team cannot handle expectations. For memory they’ve lost to 5 of the bottom 6 teams in the league.
Outside of Kuzma and Hart, the rest of the team are either young pretenders who are yet to string along three games of good consistent basketball or old veterans who don’t quite fit in with Lebron’s skill set. Ingram has been very good of late, but if he was doing this through December and January, the AD trade would have been closer to done. As it was, no one wants him unless he come cheaply.

This year was a wasted year. It began that way after the one year contract signings and hasn’t improved enough through the season.
That’s all on Magic and Pulinka.
They really need to get someone of note in the preseason so that we don’t have another wasted year. It all hinges on Kyrie. If he leaves the Celtics, then they wouldn’t include Tatum in the trade for AD meaning the Lakers offer is looking just as good.

As far the Lakers being the Knicks of the West, we were that when we used our salary cap on substandard players like Deng, Clarkson and KCP. Magic and Pulinka were able to make trades and moves to clear space to get Lebron + 1. Now it’s Lebron + 2. They just need to do some heavy work.

We’re not quite Knicks territory yet.


You’re right on Kyrie. I’ve resigned to the fact that he’s out of Boston. It looks to be either the Lakers or Knicks. I’d be staggered if he teamed up with LeBron again. It would be the ultimate swallowing of pride and admittance that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. To me Kyrie and KD to the Knicks via Free Agency looks far more realistic, they have 2 max FA slots, and a draft pick that looks like it will be very high up in the lottery. Lots of innuendo on whether they’d trade that to try and get AD off the Pelicans and have a Big 3 in NY or if they’ll take the pick and get Zion. I’d fancy the latter, you’ll get him locked in for 4 seasons on rookie salary, and if they can get a good complimentary 3rd star to go with that and fill the bench with veterans and role players I’m pretty bullish on what the Knicks can do.


I don’t think KD will end up at the Knicks. I think he’ll stay at GSW until they lose a playoff series.

I don’t know where that leaves Kyrie. Lakers are a chance if the AD trade can be done. I doubt he gets to the Knicks unless AD is there and I agree, the Knicks won’t give up Zion to get AD.


that trae young ejection was ludicrous