NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!



Pop now has the most NBA wins, by any coach.


Spurs just rolled Denver. Both 2nd seeds lost to the 7th seed in Game 1. LOL!


Celtics take Game 1 84-74. Portand beat OKC.


Only one half into the series, but I can’t see anything but the broom for Detroit. No Blake Griffin but they won’t put up much of a fight against the Bucks…


Wow they just revised down Drummond’s boards from 12 to 11, thus farking my 2 multis
And just re revised back to 12


wow 6ers look average


And are now on a 21-2 run four minutes into the 3rd.

Can you please tell me my putting looks average?


Have just ripped the nets to shreds… 51-23 third quarter


Ben just struggling along…


Boogie done for the playoffs you’d imagine. Quad tear.


That might see him out of the entire 1st round and probably the 2nd round.
If it’s like a 4 week injury, then he could be back for the conference finals.


There’s is nearly 80 free throws in this game.

What the hell.


Holy ■■■■ I can’t believe that Clippers came back and won this game.
I wish I had watched it instead of working on an assignment!


45 free throws and couldn’t get it done. That is humorous.


Largest comeback in playoff history. WOW!


Lost from a 31 point lead. Classic warriors meme. Have to laugh.


Boogie being assessed as a torn quad. That’s season ending.
MRI to confirm.


Iguodala’s face when he gets called for a foul is always funny. Has never committed a foul in his career.


(not from todays game, but just an example)


Went down like he got shot, I know them nba guys are precious at the best of times but looks bad