NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Bucks look the far superior team in this series.
Kyrie gowwwnneeee.


Forget Simmons, Greek Freak etc.

It’s the year of the Raptors.

Kahwi is King of the series!


Embarrassing performance by Boston and a fairly apt way to bow out of what has been a heavily disjointed and dysfunctional 2018-19 season. I really like the Bucks and Giannis and hope they go all the way.


Bucks and Raptors is going to be a hell of a series.


And yet it will be the lowest rating east finals in years.


I think the Raptors can win it all.


Not with Lowry starting


Bucks look like the best team in the comp

Simmons is going to have to have a good, hard look at himself after this series. Boston embarrassed him last year, the Raptors and Kawhi have made him a complete liability on offense in this series.


Curry might need to switch on.


Celtics losing has made my day


Decent comeback from the Rockets. Pretty important quarter coming


Durant may have done his Achilles :frowning:




just saw the vid. I think he has too. To look behind like that and then not be able to flex his foot.

When i popped my achilles, felt like someone just kicked the back of my leg.


It’s a 6-9 mo rehab no? Coming up on free agency too. Wow.


CP, Gordon and RIvers are 1-17 from 3.


why is this game not on kayo? wtf.


Ok, breaking news: its apparently a “right calf strain” for Durant


Even if it was worse case, he’s got a player option for next season at GSW. He could literally get paid to just rehab next season if he wanted. Would have to prove he is 100% over the injury before he got a max deal. Calf strain might mean a few weeks, so no long-term effects unless this is the start of the old man injuries for him. He’s 30 now, not a spring chicken anymore…


Please finish them now in game 6