NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Well Houston sure ballsed up that last couple of minutes. Any chance of snagging a rebound?


Unfortunately my day was shat on from a great height after a certain UCL result this morning (at least it was not your boys :wink: or the chavs), but the celtics losing helps brighten it just a smidgen.


You think?


I think you’ll find Giannis and Leonard merch is some of the highest sold in the league.

It’ll be a great series. One of the best in the east for years.


So assuming the best and he’s back in 3 weeks (though there does seem to be some amazing medicine available to US professional sports people that the rest of us WADA fools can’t touch) then he’s out for the first week of finals?

Bogut will have a massive role to play against Jokic if they get through. A lineup of Curry, Thompson, Iggy, Green, Bogut still looks ok against the Nuggets and marginally ok against the Raptors. They will get decimated if they play the Bucks though.

Think Rockets take this one in seven though.


Simply that these are small market teams.

Basketball fans, of course will watch.
But casual viewers will not.
For example if LA or NY are in a series, the viewing numbers are through the roof.


Curry needs to get really hot for the Dubs to beat the Rockets.
He’s been terribly inefficient since the hand injury.


I heard that the coverage surrounding Free Agency post season and during the season gets more views/clicks than an actual game. The NBA said that rating in games is secondary to “the storyline”. The biggest news items this year have been the Lakers (LBJ, Walton’s job security, trade rumours, etc), the FA class (KD, Kyrie, Kawhi, etc). Personally I’ve been over the Warriors v Cavs Finals matchups 4 years running. At least that will be different, but moreso this season whoever makes it out of the East will be a legit contender to win it, not a punching bag for the Dubs…


Don’t get me wrong, I think it will be terrific.


Interesting take. Embiid is a talent for sure, but not sure what sort of team mate he is and I don’t think he get’s the best out of himself fitness wise (always injured)

Wonder how good Ben could be if they make him the no.1 player


Absolute farce in LA LA Land. Lakers fail to reach an agreement with Ty Lue. Offered him a 3-year deal, he wanted 5, plus they tried to dictate who his assistant coaches would be (Jason Kidd bring one of them). He was told that he was being appointed moreso to coach LeBron, so his deal coincided with the season left on LBJ’s contract. It’s a sinking ship.He was the easiest hire they could appoint yet they somehow manage to balls it up!!!


I find that Cowherd rarely makes sense or is right, but boy is he passionate about what hes saying.


Cool story except… go look it up.

People tune in to watch LBJ.
People tuned in to watch MJ.

The LAL Shaq and Kobe finals in the mid 00s were some of the lowest numbers since the 70s.

Bit hard to predict what would happen if the Knicks made finals cos… well. You know.


Give you the tip, the record is the ~30M people watching Chicago - Utah, there’s 2.7M people in Chicago and 200k in SLC… “big markets”


True, also reckon is Giannis makes it to the finals there’ll be a fair old viewership in Europe.


I agree with you about the viewers, but the whole state of Utah roots for the Jazz, not just Salt Lake City. I think they were the only professional league team in the state until Real MLS.


All of Utah?
So… 200,100 then?


Good early signs for Philly. Ben already looks far more aggressive and up-tempo. Some good stops on Kawhi, Harris and Butler hitting shots.


2 fouls and with the way he’s forcing the tempo, likely to cop a charge soon.


very good qtr from him.


Philly are a different team when Simmons is playing like this


How can they have such a different mindset on the road, then bring this at home.
What a joke.