NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


I am fully expecting the Sixers to give up this lead.


Brown needed a timeout 3 plays ago


It’s started…


What coach gets him go up 19 points then calls timeout and kills the momentum??!


When they pulled it back to 13 he should have called a timeout.
Their offence started to look out of control - just settle them down


Doris dropping truth


Jimmy ■■■■■■■ Buckets


How nice was that play?


Jimmy Buckets with 19 in the half. He is lighting it up!


How good was Jimmy. Earning himself that max contract


JIMMY BUCKETS! Good first half for Simmons too (compared to other efforts).


Embiid 3 points to halftime - which was a 3 that Toronto are more than happy for him to take.


Yeah, Embiid has been ■■■.


Ben 18/6/6 nearing the end of the 3rd. Embiid been a lot better, even if he’s not been great offensively his activity on defence has been crucial. 11 boards. Looks like a Game 7 in Canada is on the cards!


and 0 turnovers. Big game from Ben


Lowry is junk


and a tool - on court


philly will take that lowry-harris match up all day


Dame lit it up verse Thunder, but he’s being outplayed by Harris and Murray this series. Needs a seriously good game six if we’re gonna push to 7 games.


Portland have brought it back after an early deficit. Hope they can make it a game 7.