NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!



I hate to admit it but it really is a testament to the Celtics for the game plan and style of play they implemented in order to get the most out of Thomas and the team in general last season.


I wish miami had a drop a 40point game player.


Heard somewhere the other day the the Bucks were interested in Whiteside for Parker and Bledsloe / Snell. Adebayo has been decent at Centre when Whiteside has been injured and that would give us some scoring we desperately need (If Parker can stay healthy).


How long are we paying out bosh’s contract for? hopefully those funds can go to getting a super star.


Not sure how much longer, but I think his Salary is exempt from the Salary Cap.
I don’t think Pat Riley would be short of cash if it was to benefit the team.


Porzingis done his knee. :persevere:

Ben might get all star gig after all. Players going down like flies.


Just saw the footage.

Doesn’t look good.

Knicks finally find somebody who can play and he does a knee.


Is there a team in the league who could give less of a ■■■■■ then the Cavs?

Watching a few minutes of them vs the Magic and they just don’t care.


It really feels like they’re imploding.


The defensive intensity on display reminds me of playing at lunch time in high school.


Confirmed ACL for Kristaps :frowning:


Russ going for Kobe’s record.


That is farking horrible.


Ben Simmons is going to play in the all-star game with all these injuries.



Tanking shouldn’t be an issue from here on out.


That is how I did my right acl*

*Minus all but 2 inches of vert


Ben Simmons an all star now surely?


INB4 Jaylen Brown gets the gig :sweat_smile:


Embiids call was funny/gonna get fined.

Joel Embiid said he sends best wishes to Porzingis in his recovery and thinks he will grow from the process. Asked who should replace him as All Star, he says Ben Simmons, and “I hope they don’t do the same bullshit” with him again


Ps: Embiid is my favourite Nba player right now. Everything about him is awesome