NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


I think they did well too.
When’s Thomas’ contract up?


They were barely going all year, a change was on the cards.
Nance and Clarkson are both good supporting cast members, IT hasn’t got going this year, Frye meh.

Even if LBJ walks, there won’t be too many repercussions, their 2018 pick will be, what, mid 20s?


This is the last season.
So Lakers will have enough room for two max level contracts at end of year.


So it works for them.

Is it the Cavs pick that went to LA? Is it going to be that good?


From a Jazz point of view, they dump Hood’s expiring contract for Crowder’s 2019-20 contract and hope he finds some of his Boston form. Rose will be bought out.


Kemba Walker gets the AS call-up.
Pretty clear no rookie rule in place, as there’s no way Walker has been better than Simmons this year.


I think it’s a Market thing.
Philly Market represented by Embid
So Simo misses
Otherwise it’s Simo and Middleton before Walker and Dragic surely!
$$ talk


It’s Cleveland’s pick so 20th+ nothing major.


Ahhh my bad.
I thought it was the Nets 2018 1st round pick.


Celtics with the OT road win in DC.



Lakers crush OKC at Staples by 20+ with OKC without Melo and Russ.

PG was really good, especially in the first quarter but we blew them away after they initially got up by 10.

We just played far more team orientated basketball.

Ingram and Kuzma are balling and killed them all game.

We are stringing some really good form together going into the All-Star break and have 8 straight at home which we haven’t replicated since 2012-2013.

Really optimistic about where we are heading for the first time in a long time.

Interested to see how IT and Frye fit into the team too.


Wade traded back to Miami to get that sweet vice Jersey



■■■■ missed miami going off because of having to do things.


This guy is gonna have an incredible highlights package.




Who? Glenn Maxwell? Peter Nevill?


Jingles had a career high of 23 points (5r, 5a as well).


Since about last Friday, you’re on and off more than mum’s knickers.