NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


I’m in Toronto later this month and I’m thinking about flying to Philly to go to a game.

I’m also interested in attending training. Has anyone ever been? Can you just go?
If so what is the access like?


I haven’t heard of any sort of open training.

Training is either usually fully closed (especially since it will be playoffs) or access for people with media accreditation only.


What about the team bus outside?

I just want a photo with Saric!


Couldn’t of programmed it better if they tried. Nuggets v T-Wolves on the final day with the winner claiming the final playoff spot


Should be a ripper! Can the playoffs just start already.


Dont’ forget

SA @ NOLA to decide the 5th seed

what a finish


If you have any money in a sports bet account, put it all in on Warriors losing 1st round.

It’s over.


Lots of banter on Mitchell v Simmons for ROY.

People going in with a ‘not a true rookie’ angle.


I feel like this old news lol


Dubs are happy to lose this one, that way they avoid OKC and the Jazz in early playoffs


Fuckwits teens don’t get that an ACL footy injury (wasn’t it like hirds?) sets you back.




Hahaha, throwing shade


Luc Mbah a Moute dislocated his shoulder on a dunk. Likely out for most if not all the playoffs, big blow for the Rox.


Like when Hideo Nomo after many pro seasons in Japan beat out Chipper Jones for ROTY. One was gone about 5 years later, having had his unusual pitching action worked out. The other played 20 seasons, won an MVP and was a first baller hall of famer with more than 95% of the votes.


Why is this an issue? Didn’t Blake a griffin do that?


Too many important games all on at the same time I dont know what to watch AHHHH!


Watch a good one not convinced by heat.


Watching the HEAT is way too frustrating. Currently watching 76ers vs Bucks but keeping and an eye on the scores for other games…


Delly finally back on the court for the Bucks.