NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Exactly the same, except for being almost completely different.

they’re a whole 2 months different in age, started college the same year.
Simmons played 1 year of college, got picked, then had a whole year on the sidelines injured. Mitchell had 2 year of college, got picked and playing now.


Now Donovan comes into a game with a red hoodie with ‘rookie?’ on the front.

Redshirt much better angle than the ‘playing’ definition.

Still so desperate though. It’s kind of sad.


Nuggs/Wolves going down to the wire


all tied up with 3 mins left.


they can’t score!!!


Wolves shocking offense down the stretch.

Into OT.


@rylandoz WE’RE IN ■■■■■■■ OT


Wowee what a day of sports.
First the soccer and now this


Let’s go Heat! Need to win for that first round match-up with Boston.
I’m watching Denver vs TWolves right now both crazy games!


I switched because i saw ellington was popping off

ellington turns and pops like no one else.


Damn Miami vs 76ers actually in the first round. Love the 76ers and Simmons this will be a tough series to watch hahah.


1 Raptors vs 8 Wizards
2 Celtics vs 7 Bucks
3 Sixers vs 6 Heat
4 Cavs vs 5 Pacers



A part of me wants to believe heats style of play holds up in playoffs when theres heaps of pressure, but the rest of me thinks we’re ■■■■■■.


You think the grudge match with Embiid will get Hassan fire up!


The Western Conference playoff matchups are set, even if the seeding is not.
1 Rockets vs. 8 Timberwolves
2 Warriors vs. 7 Spurs
The winner of the Blazers-Jazz game will claim the 3 seed, but regardless of the outcome of that game, Portland will face New Orleans and Utah will face OKC in the first round.


Hassan "only plays against good centers’ whiteside.


What an amazing comeback from Fultz! Triple double off the bench and looking every bit a no.1 pick.
A month ago he looked like he wouldn’t play again this year and people were questioning whether he might be busted for good.
Great effort from the kid


hes the strangest most athletic person i’ve ever seen.

see that chase down block? looked in slow motion.


Yep. He’s got an odd running style and looks awkward, but then has a massive leap and can explode.
He’s great to watch.

Exciting times at Philly

His shot still looks bad from the line, but looks a lot better from the field.


Hornacek fired.