NBA 2018/19 Ben Simmons is ROTY. MEGA THREAD!


Philly the only real danger to Cavs out east.


I dont understand commentators saying that Simmons gained more than Mitchell by being on an nba roster but injured all year than Mitchell who played college ball.

Missing a year out of the game is massive, and in my opinion it just makes what Ben has achieved even more remarkable.


The commentators just use that to push their own agenda


The more I am seeing of Mitchell, the more I think he must be an A-grade flog! Could very well be the surname.


Its marketing. Adidas is giving him those hoodies


Kawhi will play :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

That’s the rumour doing the rounds


Would be amazing if he did.


Beautiful theatre of true.


Embiid out game 1, whiteside also out as a result.


Golden State cruises through game 1


This Wiz raptors game is a ripper


Raptors with a huge turnaround.
Geez it’s loud in there


I want see superstar Goran Dragic bury that notarookie


Man a John Wall is getting murdered at the rim and getting nothing.


Let’s go HEAT! @barnz

(Secretly hoping Simmons plays well too).


Spurs used 13 players today. But not Kawhi.


Ben seems like was forcing things a bit. Hopefully settles and gets to the tempo.


watchign until its time for the train to watch dday.


Get a stream going, see whiteside do a stupid foul…


ben simmons is an annoying ■■■■. but hes our future olympic gold medal ■■■■.