Neeld gets it - walks out never to return


I’ll give Harvey his due. Watching the coaches thingy on the website after each game last year Harvs seemed the one most in tune with the game. His assessments of the game seemed to be spot on. The others…meh


We need a young modern coach with innovative ideas. Someone that can grow with the team and take us through the next era. A Sheeds or a Longmire or a Clarkson. Between 32 and 35, intelligent, quick witted, no lose attitude and a capacity to demand respect. No more nice guys as that only infuses into the playing group. This person exists. EFC need to do the research (properly) and find him. They have analysts, they should use them to start making a list of proposed candidates that fit ALL the criteria. Only then will we become great again.


Lets be fair. Jobe was probably a B or C player last year and clearly his best football was behind him. His retirement shouldn’t really have impacted us at all.


True he was shot but he was a big body and to some extent so was BJ. They have been replaced by Myers


If this is true I mean WTF?


I thought Neelds roll.changed from last year to this year. I know you like to have a go at Hird , and all but really get your favts straight.


yeah, but he’s been replaced by Myers who his heading towards the second half of the alphabet ratings.

Take your point, you don’t necessarily need a gun, just someone who can stand up in a tackle/bump, get a handball away and get to the next contest without running out of puff - they don’t have to have Dangerfield pace as well. Surely we can find one or two who could do what Jobe did last year - if you don’t get first hands on the ball then you don’t get the ball, except on the intercept - it’s a very reactive way to play the game and probably the reason Neeld lost his job.


He should be pleased to hear that.


I agree.

I reackon Sheeds could whip one up pretty quick that would make do for the rest of the year. Just get him to run around all his old sub ordinates for a week like Boomba, Williams, Caracella, Hardwick, Hirdy, Harvey to get some thoughts on modern footy before crafting something genius.

We have to play to our strengths, no point trying to replicate Richmond when to don’t have an army of tackling machines on minimum wage.

Some of our real assets are

  • big marking forwards
  • a fast outside midfield group
  • guy who can break away through semi congested traffic
  • a couple of supersonic half back flankers
  • great intercept marking key backs

Our weaknesses are

  • poor inside midfield
  • poor skills under heavy pressure
  • not an intelligent game sense
    I’m sure there are plenty more just can think of them now.

So based on that we want a game plan that focuses on

  • long kicks to marking players, so out key forward can’t move up the field too much
  • we need to add an extra at the stoppage defensive side to contain loosing the clearances
  • we need a loose player to play a kick behind the stoppage to contain loosing the clearance
  • we need fast transition to attack into space, suggesting a tight packed defensive zone which can burst away in the outside. It would leave us open to big switching though.
  • I would also toy with the idea of leaving say Stringer and Tippa, or Daniher and green, one out in the F50 away from the zone so when we break we know we can wheel and go long knowing they will beat their man.






They should have got Rockliff - big big mistake and Jackets Undid all the good work in getting stringer/smith/saad - by missing rockliff - we needed an inside mid more than anything else


We’re actually not that quick at the moment:

  • Tippa injured
  • Raz injured
  • Colyer injured
  • McKenna and Saad too often in a congested backline to find room to run (because everyone else - Goddard, Hurley - take so long to get rid of it, allow oppo numbers to flood in)
  • Zerret, Mcgrath and Zaka not slow but not that quick
  • Everyone else is treacle slow - hurley, goddard, hooker, myers, heppell - average foot speed across the group would be low. Whatever extra yardage and time to make a decision that McKenna finds is lost as soon as he gives it to someone like Goddard.


True with the injuries.

Which would bring us to a plan B of marking players to crash and bash, hold it up, reset, move forward.

But I think Smith, Zaka, McGrath and Merrett are quicker than most.


Yep, go along with that


High level post.

My thoughts.


Liked for someone properly saying reactive instead of reactionary.

Also, agree.


Yes, needed an inside mid. But not Rockliff, he’s no good.


guess you could say you reactionarily liked it.


You go and get whoever is available - we didn’t have time to wait- Rockliff was the best available for us to get and we missed out