Neeld gets it - walks out never to return


The discussion regarding the proliferation of coaches and who is responsible for what, and the flow on from it regarding how communication works between the players and the coaches re tactics and the game plan got me wondering about what Luke Ball is responsible for.
I never understood the guff that was put out when he was appointed (responsible for culture and other nebulous words). I came to the conclusion it was just a ploy to get him on board and avoid calling him part of the football department, and so not come under the football department cap.
But wtf is his role? Does he maybe have a role in this review of coaching? Or is he just a further complication in our structure that seems to be so confused?


Who the ■■■■ is Tony Shaw


I’m not Shaw.


Rockliff would’ve just been 1 more thing we’d be complaining about right now.


Watching FC atm and I reckon Judd will be lucky to see the season out without being dropped by Lloyd.

I’ve watched it a couple of times this year and the disdain Lloyd has for him is palpable.

It’ll be one of those scenarios where Lloyd is in tears beating up and choking Judd to within an inch of his life while the whole channel 9 crew are frantically trying to grab Lloyd off him.


Secondly, someone asked who is going to come up with the game plan for this week now Neeld is gone, and a few Blitzers responded with suggestion of what the game plan should be.
Could we possibly run a poll of what the game plan should be? know, cobble together a summary of the results and send them to the club. Kind of a members’ and supporters’ contribution to how we should be playing.
Or maybe the players could throw it around a bit on Thursday after training and see what they come up with. Goddard could run the session.
Which all reminds me of a mad experience I had when I was playing U15s at school. Our coach (a doddering old Christian Brother) let the team get together the day before the game to select who should play where. It was the biggest comedy/farce of all time, with each player getting up in turn and laying out what the team should be, without the slightest semblance of consensus emerging. I can’t remember how we actually lined up the next day. Maybe we just ran out and spread out,





Some more thoughts on your comments.

I think we do have the marking forwards still. Stringer, Stewart, Lav and Lang are all good on a lead. We don’t roll of a mark quick to give them an opportunity and we have them too high up the field to be successive options. I think if it’s a game strategy with 4 guys leading hard at different angles it’s hard to stop.

I’m not so sure we play the extra at te stoppage. Your right We try having a loose marking key back but they are always too deep.
Not sure how to fix that one other than a guy who can read the flight better like Francis.

I think a breakaway zone is sustainable if it’s focussed an defending first through a tight web causing a turnover at the contest. My goal would be to have a smaller area zone to create space to move into once you win. But by being tight you can collapse on the contest hard and hold it or win it back. The tigers do this collapse and spread transition really well.

If a team has to double team a player back to play 3/2 or 4/3 then theoretically we should dominate up the ground by out numbering moving to more forward half entries and time in forward half.


Judd: So Dyson’s haircut didn’t make it to your Six-point plan?
Lloydy: You wanna be smart about it?



I understand that Rolo needs to watch FC for his regular Monday jerking session but the rest of you have absolutely no excuse


Point taken. Yr End of Days string and comment is the best thing I’ve ever read on here. So respect.




Really? Tugging to Caro and Hutchy? How when the turtle has retreated back into its shell?


I think the issue is the players want to do their job… but have some clear channels of direction with a consistent message


Its now clear to me that Neeld has been trying to hold Harves back. Office politics. Partly based on how Neeld once described Harves to me, ( and that disclosure tonight by Lloydy ). It was personal and disparaging.


I really hope Neeld was the legitimate problem he’s been made out to be, and not a convenient scapegoat.


someone please explain- how did he get appointed to virtually being our senior coach?
Need an answer


Aww come on… the pr*ck is gone now. What did he say to you about Harvey?


I had a sense something was nqr yesterday at Sandi. The coaches and some senior players were standing at the back of the Essendon dugout, on the half time siren, Worsfold and the coaches went to the rooms , but Neeld just plodded along completely on his own, trailing 100 metres behind them. I reckon he was already gone.


we need 2 big size midfielders

i thought with jobe heath
bird and howlett being gone we would get at least one mature strong bodied natural midfielder from the vfl safl or wafl
the boys we have are outside midfielders but light