Neeld gets it - walks out never to return


Please, EFC does not do scapegoats

Unless your name is Knights or Hird


Lol, sounds like Lloyd should of just dropped him.


But being serious for a second.

If that chain of communication was in place (per reported) for let’s be generous and say 6 months

  1. Who actually rubber stamped this decision?
  2. Why did it take so long to address the flaws of this system?

I feel like there would be excellent football people walking around the halls of tulla, thinking ‘this system is farked’ - but that is not my chain of command, so I will keep my opinion to myself.

That is, oh so American.

That is also the reason the SAGA started. Is this groundhog day? Have we not learnt? Do we do any exit interviews of the dozens of players and staff that move on each year? This has opened up so many questions and emotions.



Here is my theory. October 2015, the board expressed a desire to make the coaches professional, and reduce the influence of favourite sons within our coaching ranks, to reduce angst that comes about when sacking any coach who is a club legend, or even a former player.
So the new regime came in, with a coaching and communications structure desig ned to keep the power of favorite sons like Harves under control and protect Worsfolds omnipotence.
As is classic organisational methodology used by machieavelli, the mafia and everyone else in power, a lieutenant , Neeld was promoted to keep the line coaches under control.


And as I noted at the time, he was out of the ground before the players got off the grass at the end.


Didn’t even go into the rooms to hear the song one more time ?



“This is an opportunity for John and the performance coaches to create greater clarity and alignment in the brand of football we want to play.”

“We also believe this is an opportunity for our coaches to develop, be more empowered in their roles, and have greater input into the strategic direction of the team."
A fairly telling couple of sentences here, especially the second one. Sounds like the stories about Neeld running the whole show, have some basis. The first sentence speaks to confirm that the players have been confused.




The only non-expansion team Mark Neeld ever beat as senior coach was Essendon.
Thanks for the memories.


then he went to beat it from within.


Same here mate.


There was more after that comment too when Juddy asked if Lloyd would consider a role at the club.
Lloyd knocked it on the head immediately citing a conflict of interest.
There was a fair degree of venom in his delivery aimed squarely at Judd.


Thats some drama i need in my life rn.


LOL I would be completely surprised if Dudoro gets sacked, he’s got the club wrapped around his fingers. Dan Richardson doesn’t seem like the type to fall for his used car salesman tricks though.


I pray for the day Dodoro gets the ■■■■. Please Dan, do it


Well, giving him the ■■■■ is certainly a step in the right direction I guess, pity it happened at least a fortnight too late and long after we’d flushed the entire season down the crapper.

If the club is admitting hiring him was a mistake only two months into the season, then they absolutely have to examine how they made such a disastrous hiring decision. I don’t expect this to be discussed publicly though.

Time will tell how long it takes to scrape the Neeld out of the gameplan. It won’t be immediate, and even if it was, our structure is all over the place at the moment without Hurls, Joe, Gleeson and with every structure we’d rehearsed preseason being chucked out the window two weeks in when Hooker went forward. And there’s obvious other injury issues too - I suspect Tippa would have already been given a rest to heal whatever his niggle is, except that it’d be too embarrassing to play no indigenous players at dreamtime.

So, 2018 is a waste. We even managed to screw ourselves over with the effective exchange of our 2nd rounder for GWSs, so we won’t get full draft benefit for sucking.

I’m with those who believe we have an extremely talented list this year, though it’s clear we have gaping holes. But list holes can be overcome to some degree. In order to do that though, you need to have a bit of confidence, a plan that minimises exposure to your weknesses while maximising your strengths, and the players need to understand what the plan is, and by all of those measures we are awful.

Do you want to build your game around intercept marks and slingshotting from the backline? Well, fine, you can, and I think we have an ok list for that, but since every club in the comp right now bar us is fetishising forward pressure, you need to be able to counter that, and that means having inside guys who can clear it from pressure to your runners in the first place, and a selection of very skilled designated kickers who can take intercept marks. And you have to be REALLY confident you can take enough intercept marks to blunt the attack of a side who just crushes your quick rebound runners in stoppage situations.

Do you want to build a contested ball-winning crushing machine? Well, you can do that too, but if you’re trying to do that you need to get in Hepp’s ear and tell him to beef up to Jobe’s size and get guys like Clarke and Guelfi into the ones pronto, and stop spending your top picks on marking utility flankers or midfield midgets like Smith and McGrath.

At the end of 2017 I thought we were on track to expect improvement, once we cleared up the occasional bout of Essingtoning that led to stuff like the Brisbane game. I had concerns about our physicality and inside strength with the loss of Kelly and Jobe, and I was a little worried our gameplan was more suited to beating up on the weak than matching it with the strong. A very unstable back half (Gleeson, Conor, McGrath, Ambrose all missing chunks of footy, Baguley and Hurls hopelessly out of form, Hooker showing up abruptly after training forward all preseason) hasn’t helped matters. But there’s no reason i can see that so much of the talent and potential we saw in 2017 should have vanished, except for poor coaching.


Yup thought a big left was gonna fly past Hutchy. Judd would’ve ducked tho. Had to replay it just to make sure I was hearing it right. I was. The bloke’s blood runs red and black.


We can only dream.

It’ll be one of those scenarios where Lloyd is in tears beating up and choking Judd to within an inch of his life while the whole channel 9 crew are frantically trying to grab Lloyd off him.



I’m overseas right now and just caught up with this. Not surprising however, Blues loss final straw.

Be very interesting to see what happens from now in terms of shelving what Neeld has devised and the line coaches had tried to implement


We’ve been hearing whispers since preseason about Neeld being increasingly difficult to work with, from a few people on this forum who are in the know.

2018 was over before the season had even began. The supporters are literally at their wits end, After 15 years of bing utterly pathetic. And we are throwing away whole seasons of football simply because the right people arnt employed in the football department. This club is getting beyond ridiculous. I can’t even fathom it anymore.