Neeld gets it - walks out never to return


Just what we Neelded.


I know, that’s what makes it so neat. The whispers about Neeld got louder the sh*ttier we got.

The angry mob demanded blood, and the club gave them some easy, expendable, unlikeable and unrespected blood.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s gone and I hope like hell he was the single reason for this year’s disaster.

Would be mighty damn convenient.


McGrath has run a 10.95 as a schoolboy for the 100m.
He would probably be the quickest player in the league - unfortunately for whatever reason we are not using that asset he has.


Would’ve made it twice that the last act of his coaching career was to hear the Essendon song being sung.


And who signed-off on it? All involved need to be escorted out immediately.


exactly, he cant be the scapegoat and those at the club cant just outsource their responsibility. This has been the backbone of our problems since the yearly 200’s - its always somebody elses fault!

This was a cluster**** of a structure, so what hope do we have if the architects are just left to carry on?

As I have insinuated for a long time, something is seriously rotten in the the club - I point it towards this culture of blame as being developed overtime.


The culture of the club now is not what it was before or even during the saga.
I think the culture of this club now is that it hates itself.


Did Kerr set up that coaching structure before he left? Would tie in with what some people here are saying about being happy to see the back of him.


Putting together what’s been said, removing Neeld should make for a clearer line of communication from Worsfold to the players. And we should also get a clearer message to the players if Neeld was poor at this. Not necessarily the full fix for all our woes, but it should remove a major problem in the team. Players may feel better overall and get some confidence back.

But it’s also a good opportunity to make some significant changes at selection this week and show the players also carry responsibility. Reset the season and set new goals. Clear objectives to be met between now and the bye. And for those remaining 10 games, two five-week targets.


Now I never disagree with you Trip, but running just under 11 seconds for 100 m means little on a footy field. It is that first 10 m that is important.

Many girls have run 100 m faster than 10.95, see how they would translate to bursting away in a footy match.


Can we leave wiesel words out of football.

I was lucky enough to have my bullshit bingo sheet next to me while watching the announcement, I got to the 3/4 mark and Bingo.

We are a football team, we try to win lots of games of football. the only strategy we have is cuttently being cut up on the football ground.


I’ll take a piece of that. Whoever has their fingerprints in putting any of this in place needs to go.

But I am running with the theory that they’ve removed Neeld to isolate Woosh so he can “decide to resign” and the board escaped scott free.


Perhaps the same people who installed Neil Craig?
Perhaps not.
But there’s a theme here.

I dunno, maybe I’m just in a funny mood.


I thought Hird put neeld in


In what role?


What are they going to do, cut one a week until he is doing the job alone?


In the player development role, not the game day role (or whatever they titled it during the off-season)


Change the club song. From now on the boys should run out to Benny Hill music. Whole club is a rabble.


From memory, Neeld and Craig were brought into the club between the Thompson and Hird transition. It was all to do with proving ‘good governance’ and showing the AFL we are bringing the right people to the club.
I’m not sure who was in charge of the football department at the time, but the decision to get Craig and Neeld was definitely over Hird’s head.


Mark Neeld joins Essendon as Head of Player Development
Ben Waterworth, News Corp Australia
October 28, 2014 5:36pm
_ _
FORMER Melbourne coach Mark Neeld has been appointed by Essendon, joining the club’s coaching panel as Head of Player Development.

Neeld, who was sacked as Demons coach halfway through the 2013 season after leading the club to just five wins from 33 games, joins the Bombers after a 10-month stint as an AFL Victoria talent manager based at the Eastern Ranges.

At the time of his axing, Neeld indicated he still had a strong desire to work at an AFL club, despite his mid-season departure.

Neeld said his strong passion to assist developing young footballers would benefit the Bombers.

“From what I can see, the club has a terrific young list and I am looking forward to working closely with the coaching panel to foster the progress of our players, particularly in the early stages of their career,” he said.

Essendon coach James Hird said Neeld was the most impressive candidate.

“In the time I spent with Mark during the interview process, it was evident he has a strong passion for football and in particular developing players,” Hird said.