Never bring rubbish to a bin chicken fight - game review


Next week.

We start Hooker with Daniher in the forward line and Francis plays the full game back.

I actually think they need to send a message and drop a senior player. Not one of the SSSS Hooksy and Hurls and TBC is saved by our injury list.

That leaves the Captain, Zaka and Myers. Hepp at least touched the footy 30 times…

Myers I dont know how he gets played.

Literally gave us nothing.


My mate was an umpire and he once did not pay a free for the exact same thing as rampe did. When asked why he said that the kick fell short so the shaking didn’t impact the kick.

He was told by his umpiring bosses that that is irrelevant and a free on goal line should have been paid.

There is no grey in this. It is one of the only black and white rules footy has.



Of course I’m here. I’m always here…


We did so much wrong but our unwillingness to rebound out of defence quickly and through the corridor cost us. We did it ONCE in the last quarter, McKenna’s goal. Rest of the time Hurley just bombed it long down the line to a contest we would eventually lose.

We have a small, fast defence, no real key marking forwards yet played as though we had nick reiwoldt leading up to the wings.

Play our ■■■■■■■ game style at least. Run through the ■■■■■■■ middle and take a chance. We simply just got into a “Sydney” game and got smoked for it.

Humiliating performance.


Looks like loss hurt Merrett and smith more.
I couldnt believe Myers having a laugh and the captain.

He was probably saying he would’ve kicked it if the post wasn’t wobbling.



Real question-

Why do we try to rebound through the guts, but we never kick in down the middle? Always the same BS long down the line ■■■■.


Yeah look.

Forget ladder position. We definetly in my eyes were the worst side out there.

The loss hurts. Prob like that or the Stkilda, GWS, Geelong or Collingwood loss will mean no chance in September.

At 3-5 this club needs to go on and win at least its next 4 on the trot to have a chance. I couldnt see us winning any games.

The Gold Coast Suns won their last match at the SCG.

And Sydney were/are travelling worse now than then.


We won’t win next week.

We lost last night.
Freo will roll the tigers and then off the back of that win and our three losses, they will roll us.

Following that we’ll be four losses on the trot facing ninthmond and they’ll win too.

I had hoped that we’d be in the 8 at the pointy end but we won’t be.




The happy embrace with the losing score framed underneath cuts deep and perfectly sums up our last 15 years. It’s more of a kick in the guts then it should be…I can’t shake it. Extremely disappointing game in so many ways.


Was on too late for me to watch. So I woke up this morning, and saw this.

I guess I don’t really need to say anything else.


Sorry and Franga… was doing it all night… up and back… and getting burnt every time (but especially by Hurly)


It’s unbelievable really. We played like ■■■■ all game and probably didn’t deserve to win, but that rule is plain as day, and the umpires chose to completely ignore it. It cost us the game.

It’s blatant ■■■■■■■ cheating and something needs to be done.


Brereton and Cornes have absolutely unloaded on Essendon on SEN.

Said that the players are absolutely clueless to defensive set-ups and complete lack of leadership on the ground telling younger players where they need to stand defensively.

Cornes said Essendon are nothing more than a tease that will not amount to anything in the near future. People need to stop saying they are anything more than a mediocre middle of the road team, and that’s all they will ever be.

Hard to disagree with any of it.


Shame it came from Cornes coz he’s a ■■■■. But he’s right.


remember how much the players were trotting out ‘freedom to play out game’ when it worked for 2 rounds?


I’m trying to point out three of the ins didn’t have much effect in the game. The ones highlighted should never play for EFC again


I am concerned the club has lost its way in developing talented players. We should be much better than this. Why?
Back in 2013, include Merrett and Fanta. Merrett is a champion, no question. Fanta is a goal machine, he kicks goals in almost every game. No worries, future looks bright.
BUT from there, many more talented players join the club, but are we getting the best out of them ON A CONSISTENT BASIS? I am not so sure we are? Why?

2014 2016 2015


The coaches have destroyed the culture and confidence of young players. They are trying to act tough by making it challenging to get game time… but promoting and omitting young players every week is the worst possible thing you can do for young players.

The coaches show no confidence in young players by dropping them after 1 game.