Never bring rubbish to a bin chicken fight - game review



im good


Who gives two farks what that Port Adelaide kent thinks. We’ll roll that mob, of that I’m sure.

Two weeks ago we looked pretty good. Why? Because our best player kicked 4 goals.

Last night he wasn’t out there, nor was his replacement, or his replacements replacements replacement.

I have my issues with last night (and think we should have gotten over the line vs a mediocre side) but we are going to look a lot better with a functioning forward line.


every week we come on here and we say but this, but that

It’s just ■■■■■■■ bullshit, we’re a god awful team with lacking leadership and coaching and even if we do somehow make it in to finals we’re just gonna get stomped

To repeat the same cycle next year as the last 2 years


As if my elderly Japanese neighbours needed any more evidence of my craziness, I wonder what they were thinking about me wandering the streets last evening with my staffy pup screaming expletives at the sky? #gaijinyakuza

How frustrating is it being an Essendon supporter? We just find a way to play junk teams back into form.


Kicked the footy a lot more than stuffing around with the handballs and overpossessing it like last week. That must have been a clear directive during the week. Pidge down back. Looked assured, won contests and was one of our better performers. Wasn’t squandered floating around on a wing. Zerrett silenced his critics with a huge game. 28 pozzies, went in hard - 9 tackles - and a goal. Was the sole mid to really damage Sydney. Redman - kid is hard as nails and cracks in every time. Raz - 4 goals on return from a heavy virus.


We cramped ourselves on their skinny flanks rather than run & use the corridor. No - they didn’t clog it up through there. We simply didn’t take the game on and direct play through there. Too much ball use was chipping along the flanks, with the final I50 kick a long helter skelter bomb. The Beatles would have been proud.

Our forward structure was rubbish, but our delivery again was horrible. Why did it take till late in the game to move Hooker forward? Paul Corrigan is really struggling as a forwards coach and has been for some time.

Although we had our highest tackle count for the year, I never felt that we displayed much urgency or ruthlessness (there were a few exceptions). Where were our leaders in the premiership third quarter? Who stood up when the game was in the balance? One goal in that third really hurt us and put us behind leading into the last quarter. This player led rubbish (with this flaky group) just isn’t working.

Why couldn’t two ruckmen dominate Sinclair? He killed us.

Why isn’t Walla given stints on the ball when he is out of games? Need to get him involved somehow.

Why is Parish continually played out of position?

Why does the coach persist with big-bodied Myersy?

Why is selection based on rewarding mediocrity and predominantly based on seniority?

Bring in Jürgen Klopp. An astute, but passionate coach who inspires his players, brings out the best in them and has them enjoying their chosen sport. This group doesn’t look very inspired to me.

The coaches post-game review vid was another uninspiring yawnfest.


“We’re cacking ourselves. It’s one we found highly amusing.”

Hear laughter from our skipper post-comedy.



Talks cheap.


I don’t like potting players. I try to be a “supporter”.

But if Zac Clarke is the answer, what the hell was the question???


See when the ■■■■■■■■ pretended to give Walla the ball? And the umpire ended up picking it up for him?


sigh Another email from the coach that gets automatically deleted.


The most depressing thing for me is knowing how low we will need to sink before our gutless club will do something about it. I’m not sure that losing to Carlton will even be enough this year.


Not only is there poor development of players selected, but they go backwards (eg Langford, Laverde) and players we get from other clubs end up playing worse here too. Why?


500 posts in and no one has pointed out the (very very small) silver lining…

Carlton are on the bottom of the ladder again.


Just the usual rhetoric from Heppell, and the same results each week.

We’re gutted. Whatever. Try being a supporter!


Nope. Richmond won a flag with one tall fwd for a whole season. Stewart is not up to it, and Brown’s link up role could be done by Langford, Laverde or a fit Francis if it is so important to structures. Good teams don’t blame a handful of injuries for sitting in the bottom 5.


How do we stop caring about this ■■■■ club?


Yep and a couple of minutes later the maggot gave a free against Stringer who had no opportunity to get rid of the ball because the Swans player actually was holding him by the arms, then they gave a 100m penalty because …? Well, because they could.


Find something else to care about
Spend more time with the family and friends
Watch other sports


Awesome, another bottom of the ladder team we can lose to.


Richmond has an entirety different philosophy (and had a three time Coleman medalist at FF - not fking Zac Clarke) and had a charmed run with injury.

They are down a few key players now, and got embarrassed by the Doggies last weekend.

Having good players helps.