Never bring rubbish to a bin chicken fight - game review


For those who keep saying bombing it in doesn’t work… well it does, sydney won doing the same thing.

On the SCG nothing can be risked going into the middle… the ground is way too small., no player on either side kicked it inside, Turnovers on that ground is a instant goal to the opposition…

Don’t hate the player or the tactic, hate the ground. Players cant swing a cat between each other and then commentators state the game was “good” purely because every player played defensive contested football resulting in a lowscoring close match… but it was rolling maul really.


This Sydney side is/was a pretty good #18 side. Now they’re a pretty good #15 side. Anyway, they’re not as bad as their ladder position suggests.


ask diggers, biggest turncoat i’ve ever seen.


It’s 5 metres shorter than the MCG.


I wish Stringer ■■■■■■■ flattened him and gave away the 150m penalty.


Luenburg retired is what… Mckernan injured, brown injured (sometimes hits in a pinch) Daniher injured (do we believe that?) Draper knee season.

I think Clarke was good, if he kicked those 2 goals he would be in the votes… but yeh, i dont remember him at freo missing those… he used to float forward there too…


Stringer, Smith, Saad have all played better with us. Who are you referring to?


stringer was all-australian, has not matched that at essendon.


He actually attacked the ball with purpose too. That set shot technique tho…


But Jake is light years better than “home grown” talent.


They looked dangerous from early in the game. Parker was breathing fire. See the ■■■■■■■ veins in his neck sticking out in the pre-game huddle? They wanted the win a lot more than we did. Which is concerning.


I agree, Richmond had/has a better philosophy and systems in place… as do others such as WC who won a flag with Kennedy and Darling out for extended periods. … good teams should not blame injuries to role players for poor ladder position. Brown, Stewart and Joe Dan were not best 22 last year… we shouldn’t be in the same ladder possie after 8 rds as we were last yr because of their unavailability


Stringer has not performed as well as he did at Footscray. The others haven’t been here long enough to get downgraded yet, although Smith is well down this year. I was thinking Chapman - never seemed to miss a shot on goal when he played against us, then missed plenty of easy ones when he got here. Cooney similar. Leuenberger. The argument could be that these guys came here to retire, but that didn’t do development of our young players any good.


Yep. Early in the game he smashed through a couple of packs and created some opportunity. Fell away very quickly though.


So who was responsible for the debacle last night? Worsfold? Zaka? Clarke? Myers? Tippa? Coaching Panel? Or all of the above??


Can we get him in at the club to sort us out…?

We are kind of like Geelong pre bomber.



Would love to have Balme at the club. He’s getting on though and may see the Tiges as his last gig… don’t know.


Was that the one where he was on the ground, with the ball, and the umpire clearly said to him “give it straight back to him”, and he got up and left the ball on the ground? No 50m. It was just before the Stringer/Smith 50/100m goal.


Need someone. Chris Fagan type ilk.

Brian Cook to run the place. Just help. We are a ■■■■■■ basketcase.

I think the only message to fix this would be a boycott of a game.

See how the players fare running out in front of not a single Essendon fan for a week…

They dont farkin deserve us.