Never bring rubbish to a bin chicken fight - game review




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And the width… SCG 136mt MCG 148mt 12mtr difference, and it shows when you see how the oval is marked in the forward 50… there are no pockets.

The 5mt length and 12mt width make a massive difference in area for players to lead into… defensive setup etc…
not sure how to work out an oval… but a circle based on 68mtr SCG radius is…
SCG: 14526
And MCG is 17203 on a 74 radius.
This is about 15% smaller… and i still have not taken out the other 5mtr length… so it could be up to 20% area difference or more.


Yep that’s the one. And he actually pretended to throw the ball to Walla with nothing in his hands. Absolute putz.


And some around here had the audacity to claim we were “tracking well” this season before last nights game.

The start to the season with players sooking it up cos they didnt get to play happy fun football, or didnt get a title was the biggest red flag that the season was over before it started.

We are all just delusional enough ro hope it we disnt see it, but i rhink deep down we all knew it.


We’re the club for lucrative retirements. This rubbish of being a destination club solely because of our list, facilities and potential is just that… players are just as influenced by the potential business opportunities from coterie members, post retirement,. as anything else. Nothing wrong with that, so long as they give their all while they’re at the club. My concern is they’re just seeing the pay cheques and opportunities post footy, and not too fussed with the long term, onfield success of the club.


We didn’t sign Stringer off an all Australian year. He was bog average. Considered a locker room cancer and out of shape.


Upgrading to a High Mark membership was clearly not a good decision on my part for this year. The EFC marketing machine is just too good at their job in the offseason…


Thanks to @Dunlop for the stats…

So clearly the coaching panel has no trust whatsoever in Parish if he had one centre bounce for the whole night. Incredible. And then he gets sh*t for no influence? So he made his name as a midfielder as a youth and yet we try and force him be a forward flanker? And when he has his best game as a mid last week and then next game we force him to be a forward again? Let me guess…he gets dropped for next week? I know how this story goes…what’s old mate Baguley upto these days?

McGrath goes from mid one week to basically a back with no centre bounces the entire game and only 3 starting wing appearances. Amazing. I truly think he has nfi where he’ll play from one week to the next, no continuity at all.

Myers brought into the team for his clearance ability, spends over 50% of the game plonked forward…we all know his forward ability right? right???

Guefli goes from deep back, to forward to…winger? Is he back? forward? mid? I don’t think even they know.


Disaster. The game we should have won, the game where we won hitouts to advantage by a lot, won clearances, won inside 50s.
But lost because its easy for sides to stop us playing the way we want to play.

We have to change “the way we want to play” because it does not work.


I wonder how Sydney’s forward line would have worked last night if they were missing all of Franklin, Reid, Blakey and McCartin.


As if it wasn’t clear enough already, last night just (disappointingly) reconfirmed for the umpteenth time that the only thing the Essendon Football Club of recent times stands for is failure.

They haven’t put a professional, well-drilled football side on the field for almost 20 years and there is no indication they are about to start now or at any point in the near future.

When they are allowed to play to their natural unaccountable, front-running soft-■■■■, downhill skier style of football they look a million bucks.

When they are faced with even moderate opposition, they fold.


There doesn’t appear to be a plan either on field or off. Certainly no system or gamestyle worth a damn that will take us anywhere anytime soon.

We have a few nice players, but whether through lack of skill and ability, psychological shortcomings or just plain old not being up to it, they dont seem to be capable of anything more than they’ve shown.

The coaching panel are mediocre and do very little to inspire. Irrespective the head coach has demonstrated he cannot influence results with this group.

There are no standards at this club when it comes to defensive structure and intent, workrate or pressure, particularly forward.

Players roles are either horrendously ill-defined on field or the coaching staff are completely and utterly inept tactically as well as from a leadership and motivational standpoint.

The core business (winning games of football for those board members and administrators playing at home) has been a complete and absolute failure for almost 2 decades.

If the plan is for the EFC business to profit by being an esports venture or a merchandising business or a professional social club they they should just cut their losses as any reasonable business would and shut down the football operation or at least spend far less money on it. Supporters have proven beyond any doubt that we will show up and tune in no matter what is served up on field, year in year out, least they could do is give us a chop out on membership costs.

It would be nice to see significant change but we all know that won’t happen.

In the meantime, all we should expect is more suffocating defeats against the best teams, some random high scoring wins against mid-tier teams and more soul destroying losses against the bottom 4 teams in the league.

Hope we win next week, expecting to get absolutely pantsed though.

Go Bombers.


We should see what Malcolm Blight is doing these days. Tempo footy is not our go. Full on attack is what we do best. Only time we looked good is when we needed two goals in 6 minutes and we were going flat chat.
Hooker forward until Brown and Mckernan are fit.


Same story most games we’ve lost tbh


Exceptional point. Both McKernan and Brown give a strong contest. They may not mark everything but they rarely get out marked. We were sadly lacking this against Geelong and again last night. Much is made of the delivery into the forward line but at least it’s there. We need to be far more competitive in the air.


Great post mate.


Posted a while ago that we hadn’t won a close game against a top 8 team in over 2 years.
I’d argue that winning a close game or finals game, is the only way you know that top 8 team was playing at its peak.

I dont think we’ve been anywhere near the best teams for a long time.


I thought we learned in the knights incumbency. Run and gun cannot be made to work.
We cant even beat a side made up of mostly old hacks and kids, because its so easy to out coach our game style and if the players can execute the coaches instructions, we have massive trouble kicking goals.


Come on mate we beat Melbourne, Brisbane and North. We were on fire. Real premiership material :roll_eyes:


Yes they are. And even more so without Buddy.