Never bring rubbish to a bin chicken fight - game review


You know what the experts say, only people who play the game really understand it. Really?
I think that is utter hogwash. A good leader with a keen eye can see faults easily and will always find a way to help someone become better than they are. Finding someone who knows more about what you don’t know and utilising their talents, so you to become better. That doesn’t seem to be happening at our club. We’re seem stuck in a time warp. There is a glitch there somewhere which need urgent attention.


Yes we have…we are one game better.


Just remembered that whilst commentating on football last night, Basil and Bruce had a good old laugh about historical conflict and violence in Ireland. Wtf?!


So we would have lost by 40+ if Franklin was playing…actually the backline was so bad that Buddy would have kick more than 6 so it would have been a complete drubbing and double that because they were the bottom side and double it again because we are a top 4 side (according to nearly what everyone believed before the season started)


We keep learning that we suck. Not sure how learning we suck helps us improve. If I studied and my heart was barely in it (like our players) I doubt I’d improve from learning why I fail. We have no confidence when push comes to shove. Nobody at the club in any position has a set of balls.


sad but true. How many times did a Sydney player mark it I50 last night uncontested. weak as


It was noticeable from the time the players got into their pre game huddle. I actually commented on it to my partner. Our guys were like, yeah, whatever. They were breathing fire from the get go. Is there anyone who can bring a bit of passion to our game at the moment? Certainly no inspiration coming from the coach.


I know man! I was stunned. Seriously. Next they’ll be chuckling about Syria.


You guys are all dumbos.

The real reason we lost was to make sure Fark Carlton got to the bottom of the ladder.

Pft not rocket science you know.


Langford, Laverne or Francis, good luck waiting for them to perform a meaningful role on any consistent or fit basis.


Has anybody mentioned that we are only 2 games out of the top four yet?

…and one game out of the 8


Any chance they could have a chat to the coaching panel?


you’re kidding right? this is the attitude of why our club goes nowhere


I wonder what Merrett and Smith thought about this?
A bit of a smile after a game from the losers doesn’t usually ruffle my feathers too much, but this display was unacceptable. Sends totally the wrong message. It’s a slap in the face to the other players and the supporters. I’ve seen less happy reactions to a win than this.


Is it just me or does anyone else feel like walking away? At least for a while.

Between having our hearts ripped out by the injustice and incompetence of the saga, the umpires and the AFL helping manufacture results that go against us, and the players not quite having their hearts in the contest (I think they try, but if you know it is basically a rigged competition…)… l may have nearly had my optimism and childlike love of the game torn out of me after 50 years of blind love.

It seems like the only way the AFL might care is if they think they have killed the cash cow that is the EFC, and FWIW the 6 memberships I pay for are the only leverage I have, albeit minor by itself.


All three strung together multiple decent games last year. They’ve got it in them… never know if they can be consistent without playing them. What, are we going to miss out on a flag this year because we gave them an extended run?


I still love football, no love for The AFL
Won’t be any love until they stop burying their heads up eachothers butts and fix the glaring problems they have.


Maybe Essington should try a performance based salary structure. The players that did the best get more than the non performers. There’d be a lot of kids making a lot more money than our seniors…and they’d deserve it too.


The AFL and its farked, corporate, media tracking, self serving, money grubbing priorities are 99% of the problem, and because our club supports it, how can we separate the two?

The club is limited in its choices but I’m nearly over the fact they can’t stand up to them and stand for the EFC.


I will just watch from afar then…passing interest so to speak.