Never bring rubbish to a bin chicken fight - game review


Perfectly understandable. Likewise I am just ranting and sopissed that moves are not made by the coach during play when it is so obvious that changes need to be made. We not only played poorly but also out-coached. Fantasia quiet after half time, Shiel tagged brilliantly, Parish dwelling in the forward line when we badly needed him in the centre…etc.
I, like you get up at all hours of the morning to watch us play a poor standard of footy and then have to work all day (Abu Dhabi). Worse, they give the opposition the opportunity to get back into form.


$80 is a bit steep for a pisstake.


Personally, I think it’s a mix of club culture and (lack of effective) game plan/strategy, for each of which the coach has to take much (not all) responsibility. Perhaps the list aint as good as many thought it was, but surely it’s better than what we’re seeing ATM.


I guess you never saw Bernie Jones play.


Not sure if you are serious or not.

We have consistently shown we are not up to the challenge and it has nothing to do with 5 day breaks.


?Dwayne Armstrong


are we even sure we can say we ‘should’ beat them at present?

Dont kid yourself, forget results watch their games that mob IS coming. Sure, they will inconsistent and have shockers, but they are on the right trajectory.

Unless we get certain players back, in form - I think Bolton is a big chance fix Woosha up again.


Tuddy for mine - they’d be running through brick walls and the opposition would be looking over their shoulders. Since we’ve done such a good job of killing off whatever skills the team may have had to start with maybe being physical is all we can do as a point of difference.


Why? If you are doing the right things in your rehab it shouldn’t be an issue.


Reynolds??? A cult club hero who cost us a flag. You might as well dump Coleman and put Sheeds in again too.


Watched the replay.

Game was lost same way preseason Carl game was lost

Absolutely nobody attempting to spoil or contest their men marking

All over the ground. 90% of the 50/50 marking contests were won by swans players. Many times the Essendon player doesn’t even jump

Watch the highlights even. 4 goals from swans players taking marks 15 metres out no Essendon players competing at all


dude, what kind of sicko do you think i am?


I admire you.

Not only can I not watch a replay after a loss… I cannot even tolerate highlights and do a blanket media ban (AFL related TV shows & newspapers) until the next win. Head in the sand stuff, definitely. The only ‘analysis’ is here where I am surrounded by my people.


Hep said in his post match interview a lack of will to compete! That is damming.


To be fair IIRC he was decent in a ruck contest if literally nothing else.


Ladies and gentlemen this is why we are not a top 4 threat.

Our midfielders: Shiel, Heppell, Zerrett…Zaharakis, Myers, McGrath, Parish.

Geelong midfielders: Selwood, Duncan, Kelly, Menegola, Dangerfield, Ablett, Guthrie, Constable + Clark, Parfitt, Dalhaus.

We run basically the same three midfielders in for bounces every time. Parish stood one bounce the entire night and McGrath played entirely back mostly. Myers was over 50% forward. Shiel was down, therefore Zerrett and Heppell had to carry the load. They had no help and barely any run through. Our midfield depth is embarrassing and the coach refuses to let guys like Parish have a dip.

Meanwhile if Dangerfield is down, any number of 8-10 guys can run through and have an impact. Shiel is down for us and we the other two have to carry a bigger load.


But we are only 2 games from top 4 and one game from the 8. C’mon have some faith in Woosha.

P.S. Confused if I am joking or not


Probably figures why the VFL team lost this week.


We should get a professional’s advice on this. The pros and cons of the captain and the player with a chance to kick a winning goal having a laugh straight after.
What is really in their mindset.
Compare what an odd 100,000+ members/supporters in their living room or at the game or wherever and count how many would of been cracking a joke and laughing. I would say a very very very small % or none. I didn’t and it doesn’t sound like any Blitzers did either.
Compare the fact if our captain and almost hero player actually had the serious expression of “Oh boy we lost again and have to do better” and question themselves on why they didn’t win and try and fix the situation rather than crack a joke and have a laugh.
What impact have the final actions of the captain had to the 100,000+ members/supporters by showing or appearing to show such a non-caring attitude to a huge loss in terms of our season and especially losing to the f…g bottom team.
If there are any professional psychologists out there please enlighten us so we can put some sense to the attitude shown by our captain and quasi hero. Please.
Was it nervous laughter? Was it a coping mechanism? What the f…k was it?
A captain has to lead by example and this time he certainly did not. He should have been getting everyone together and giving himself and the rest of the team the tongue lashing of all tongue lashes.
Hope everyone that tries to shrug this off gets the point…unless some pro can explain it all I’m going with the numbers here and will not let it be…not from our f…g captain.


Heppell put his body on the line all match - he is not the most polished but he commits to the contest and cracks in. I’ll choose to value that over a 10 second smile post-game if I’m giving weight to actions on the field.