Never bring rubbish to a bin chicken fight - game review


The club should look at some sort of smile ban during losses and perhaps injury recovery too.


Wouldn’t it be easier if they just won?


Pretty accurate


But apparently football is played in the coaches box not on the oval.


You’re not confused at all.
You see the potential and also the actuality simultaneously.

Yes, this team could and should be playing finals.
But it won’t get anywhere near them playing like that.

Getting a few first choice talls in will help, but our problems are far deeper than a few outs.

And faith is the right word.


Bloods culture? Yeah right. Tell that to the Sth Melbourne fans.

No dickheads policy? Was all a facade.


As unlikely as it sounds, we could be in the 8 at the completion of Rd.9 if only 1 major upset occurs (Suns beat Port).

Of course, we need to do a decent job on Freo.


I know he’s not a psychologist, but how much weight would you put on the word of Jimmy Bartel?

-edit- also I wrote a bit on this in post #169 of this thread


What would he know…

Yes a purely sarcastic response

I don’t have an issue with it at all btw


I found the opinion of a professional footballer.


Nah come on
That’s bullshit…everyone knows arm chair experts know better…again sarcasm :+1:


Thumbs up emoji? How is that even allowed around here after a loss!


Saw him run into goal, miss the ball and kick the goal post at Moorabbin. Took skill to do that


Because why not and I get over it pretty quickly


For those who think Dys was all smiles post game.


He’s laughing on the inside.
You can clearly see a hint of joy in his eyes.


Had to get my glasses to read that.




I am only commenting on Heppell’s attitude right after the siren.
I am not attacking him as a footballer or belittling the effort he puts in week in week out and I am sure he is hurting after this loss. It doesn’t excuse him have a joke and giggling right after the siren when half the supporters wanted to slash their wrists.
All I am saying is that it was not befitting for a captain to have a joke and laugh straight after the siren.
Its ridiculous for anyone to think otherwise.
Him being fit to be our captain is an entirely different discussion which I have not made any indication to nor want to so take everything I have written as it is and don’t jump to any unnecessary conclusions.


That’s fine, but why do you hate Essendon and life and these kittens?