Never bring rubbish to a bin chicken fight - game review


ohhhh…so cute.


Thanks Wimmera1. What you write actually makes quite a bit of sense. We are still in a better position than last year and if we play better and win the next few we will be in with a chance. You have to be positive and not dwell on the past…albeit my past hasn’t started yet…not until a few more rants.

P.S. are they Essendon kittens?


I don’t think it’s time to panic.
It’s very, very disappointing to lose to the bottom side, again, but it’s not the end of the world or the even the season.
Rant away.

And yes, they’re Essendon kittens.
Their names are Woosha, Myers, Heppell’s haircut, Hooker in the backline, Dropping Ridley, VFL Francis and Laverde against Geelong.





they must of had money on it


I put money on Sydney too but I wasn’t smiling.


How many times did they bomb long inside 50 and take a pack mark!?

That’s my concern over Hurley and Ambrose as key position defenders - they lack reach.

I mean even Hayward and Heeney were taking massive grabs.

We bomb long all night into our forward 50 and it comes out just as quick. Boy oh boy do we have issues


Lots of people on here all week ‘oh we will smash the swans’… um how long have you been supporting Essendon?


Sydney played far better on the night but that umpire who didn’t pay the free kick is a gutless cowards.

Knew it was illegal but did not have the balls


Eleni was umpiring?


I don’t know how to interpret the rules anymore. Around 4m30s left in the third quarter Belly gets a free kick. Zerrett is standing next to him with his opponent and takes off in front of Belly and his opponent follows him. This used to be a 50. The ump was right there. Should it have been 50 and if so I wonder what Gil would say


It’s not 50 if they are following their opponent through the mark within arms length




Just heard Gill on radio ‘justify’ the non-free kick to us. Still lying…


They’ve broken a lot of us


That is consistent with the unchallenged views of Sydney FC that he was like a little girl.


Longtime Blitz readers may suspect that I am not the world’s greatest fan of the maggots. But he was right on this occasion.

The rule was changed after Hawthorn exploited it to win that final vs Melbourne in the 1980s. It is known as the Jim Stynes rule.


Yep, they’ve even made barnz sound like a broken record.


thats @domaura’s inability to quite correctly.