Next Generation Academies


How about that shitstain joke of an intravenous injecting, salary cap allowancing, 4 brownlow medallist in the midfield having, AFL propped up, free ride to a triple premiership club keep their FARKING. MOUTHS. SHUT. about who can join who?


imagine crying over a club getting someone that might be a rookie pick.


I think North might have more to complain about given how Blakey looks. But heh, he was never going to play football was he???


Yep lions and gws didn’t call out their Sydney mates.

Same situation with horses son this year I think.


Lachlan Johnson: 1.1, 28 disposals, 7 tackles

Cody Brand: 16yo, 195cm, Academy member also played


Brand is a very long term prospect, don’t think he will be taken but who knows how much he could develop over the next 2 years.


Fletch had 12 touches and 5 rebound 50’s


Good to see Max Fletcher is now listed at 192cm with another growth spurt he might catch up to his brother and father.

Xavier Saly
Kyle Baker
Muhammed Abou-Eid

Hopefully these 3 can all get games as the year progresses.


Jeffrey Simon is eligible this year isn’t he? What’s his story?


Correct. Nick elected to nominate Sydney as part of the Swans academy rather than going to Norf as a Father/Son.

It’s a whole truck load of BS purely because EFC is a Victorian based club.


To be fair, if I wanted to get something through the AFL, I would put forward evidence that if it wasn’t changed then it would assist the EFC. It is my observation that the AFL are more open to such things.


It’s not an EFC thing. It’s an anti-Victorian thing. The same bitter chip on shoulder garbage that Dave Matthews and Greg Swann has been peddling for years. Almost entirely in objection to Fat Eddie’s public campaign against the expansion academies.


Ultimately F/S eligibility should over-ride NGA Academy eligibility - It’s a no-brainer ! After all F/S will be around forever,while NGA could be gone in ten or twenty years.


It’s not a no brainer.

Academies reward clubs for putting pre-AFL list development in to a player. If a club wants to assure themselves of exclusive rights to a father-son pick them put them in their academy.

Brisbane are moaning because we have helped the Johnson boy develop in to a good prospect. Why weren’t they whinging when he started with our academy if they thought it was so unfair?


Should be up to the kid to choose who if multiple clubs are interested. Same as usual F/S rules with multiple eligibility.


The academy system is to encourage talented sports people, especially from a Non-Aussie rules background into the sport - You are a F/S and it’s likely they’ll be playing footy - Whether you are part of the Academy is irrelevant.


It is also to provide resources to kids from traditionally disadvantaged background, which is why Indigenous kids are also included in the Academy programme.

Clubs wouldn’t spend resources on a kid that was tied to another club. So in our situation Johnson would be at a disadvantage as he isn’t going to be flown up to brisbane to attend regular sessions. And we shouldn’t be expected to aid the development of a player that is likely going to another club.

And I’m not even sure if FSs are allowed to receive the same level of coaching that NGA kids are, or if they are still kept at an arms length.


That is the current rules.


Lives in Victoria now. Unlikely to want to move.

Suck it Lions.

Draft tug-of-war brewing between Brisbane Lions and Essendon over premiership player Chris Johnson’s son Lachlan

JON RALPH, Herald Sun

41 minutes ago

Brisbane legend Chris Johnson says his exciting son will decide upon his own football future as a tug of war develops between the Lions and Essendon.

Brisbane are furious Essendon could swoop on father-son Lachlan Johnson ahead of them despite him living outside the Bombers’ next generation academy zone in his draft-eligible year.

But triple premiership star Johnson yesterday defended his son’s right to consider the Bombers after being part of their academy for three years.

He told the Herald Sun he would leave it up to his son to decide whether to nominate as a Brisbane father-son or Essendon indigenous next generation academy player.

The Johnsons moved from Brisbane to Westmeadows in 2010, with Calder Cannon Lachlan Johnson signed up as an Essendon academy member just before his 14th birthday.

Last year the Johnsons moved to Kew, with Lachlan this year moving to the Oakleigh Chargers to save himself a lengthy commute.

Rival clubs are filthy that another player has been taken out of the draft pool, with GWS boss David Matthews recently saying Essendon’s claims on him were “either an unintended consequence or complete rubbish”.

They believe it is unfair Brisbane’s father-son rights don’t trump the link to Essendon, which can pick him despite him not still living in that zone.

Lachlan Johnson is an exciting flanker able to play forward or back, who recently amassed a 163-ranking point, 27-possession, 10-tackle performance against old side Calder.

But Johnson told the Herald Sun despite the rumblings of discontent about a system currently being reviewed by the AFL, Essendon had done nothing wrong

“To Essendon’s credit they saw Lachie play at the Calder Cannons and Adrian Dodoro rang me and said would you mind if we signed him up for the next generation academy,” he said.

“He has had consistent contact with Essendon and Heath Hocking who is their academy coach has being done some stuff with Lachie.

“Brisbane has been excellent as well. They have had him up there on three or four occasions and he trained with the senior group which was an outstanding experience.

“Last year we moved to Kew and travelling from Kew to Craigieburn was taking a toll mentally and with his schooling. He was doing an eight-hour day at school then another eight-hour day with footy.

“A few clubs around the place aren’t too happy with it, and it’s a bit unusual but that’s the way it goes.

“If he is good enough to get drafted, it’s his choice. I am not the one to put the jumper on for him.”

Chris Johnson’s son Lachlan (third from left) will have to decide between Brisbane or Essendon.

Brisbane hopes Johnson will play a game for their NEAFL team later this year but is at a clear disadvantage in trying to lure him north.

They believe Johnson’s status as of their greatest champions — a Brisbane Hall of Fame member and three-time flag member — should give them priority access.

Johnson is a diversity talent manager at Football Victoria and says the NGAs mean young players like his son have had extensive one-on-one coaching to help them turn into AFL players.



Mainly just to ■■■■ off other clubs. If he’s good that’s even better