Next Generation Academies


The irony of GWS complaining about players being taken out of the draft pool.


Personally don’t think he will get drafted at all so they shouldn’t really be complaining too much.


Nick Blakey is playing for the swans because he was part of their academy. Was also father-son eligible for the lions and the kangas.


While I’m at it

Setterfield moved to freaking Melbourne in his draft year. Weirdly enough, Matthews didn’t say “fair cop, we’ll give up our academy eligibility for him”.


I’ll be going to the Metro vs Country trial games tomorrow for under 16s

Indy Parish and NLM’s son are the main two of note that I can see so far


A few other names to watch

Luca Anderson brother of Noah

Jai Serong brother of Caleb

Noah Bradshaw son of Daniel

Sam Darcy son of Luke


Get Andy Welsh to offer the kid some land development advice if he signs with us. HAHAHAHA!!!


Awesome my son will be eligible in 10 years


Excuse me sir.

Would you be able to, perchance, find it in your heart to repeat this statement, in an audible fashion?


Indy Parish wearing 3 and has the same hair as Darce when he got drafted, even has the same mannerisms


First goal of the game comes from NLM jnr


Indy Parish is pretty much Darcy but he is already taller.

Nyawi Moore looks exciting up forward


People at Falcons were talking about Indi back in 2016. They thought even that far back that he’d be a gun.

What sort of player is Johnson (son of Chris that the Lions are sulking over)?


No wonder Jackets is so keen on Lachlan Johnson, he fits a couple of his most important criteria for recruiting a player…

  1. Exciting flanker
  2. Forward or Back?

Perfect for our talent development coaching team to mould into the player who’lll never realise his full potential.


And Asa begat Josaphat

and Josaphat begat Joram

and Joram begat Ozias.

And lo: There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth that The masters of Essington didst draft not they that were fair and good, but rather they who didst stinketh up the joint.

  1. Short enough to slot into our midfield.


Cal Twomey rated Johnson as a late pick to Rookie - not sure why GWS nickers are in a knot.
He plays at Oakleigh - small 175cm talented forward, goes to scotch college
2 games average 19 disposals and 8 tackles

Maurice Rioli Jnr is at Scotch college too - maybe getting Johnson may help in this regards.


This is the reason - GWS Academy (AFL) - kicking up a stink about about father sons being eligible for academys IMO.

THE POTENTIAL next Rioli in the AFL is taking his cousin Cyril’s route to the big time.

Maurice Rioli jnr, son of Richmond’s late 1982 Norm Smith medallist, is in his second week at Scotch College, the exclusive private school his cousins Cyril and Shannon both attended.

The 15-year-old’s uncle, Essendon 100-gamer Dean Rioli, and Shannon, who captains Northern Territory Thunder in the NEAFL, organised his move from the Tiwi Islands to Melbourne.

Cyril Rioli was just 14 when he began boarding at Scotch, and his AFL haul so far includes 185 games, winning the 2015 Norm Smith Medal and playing in four premierships with Hawthorn.

Those in the know suggest right-footed Rioli jnr is tracking similarly to Cyril at the same age in the way he attacks the football and takes the game on.

Maurice Rioli snr played 118 games for Richmond and 168 for WAFL club South Fremantle, making his son eligible to join either the Tigers or Fremantle as a father-son selection in 2020.

Fremantle has access to the sons of ex-WAFL footballers who played at least 150 times for East Fremantle, South Fremantle, Perth or Swan Districts before the Dockers joined the AFL in 1995.

Essendon has rights to Rioli jnr, too, as part of its Next Generation Academy zone, which includes the Tiwi Islands.

But it is Richmond’s race to lose, with the skilful forward-midfielder extremely close to his cousin and Tigers premiership player Daniel Rioli, who went to Ballarat’s St Patrick’s College.

Rioli jnr, who turns 16 in September, is yet to train at the Tigers, but makes regular appearances at Punt Rd to see Daniel and watch the reigning premiers.

Richmond list manager Blair Hartley has kept close tabs on his progress.

The talented teenager, who impressed at last year’s AFL Under-16 Championships, is also related to West Coast forward Willie Rioli, St Kilda’s Ben Long and Bomber Jake Long.

Rioli jnr made his senior football debut for St Mary’s in October, with Cyril watching from the stands, and played his seventh and most recent match on January 20 before relocating to Melbourne.

He will play school football for Scotch College this year and again represent the NT at national under-16 level.


Cals thoughts mirror my own, he didn’t even get a game in the Metro trials which shows he is a late pick at best


Have to wonder at all the fuss. If your dad being a triple premiership hall of famer at a club isn’t enough to make you want to play there, how is that anyone other than Brisbane’s fault?

Also forgetting that kids can choose not to be taken as a FS pick even if not attached to an Academy.