Nfl 2017/2018


It is on.


Par for the course in any such case. CK is in for a hard time trying to prove it though.


Ezekiel Elliott wins another injunction against his suspension. Can play this weekend.
Another appeal hearing next week.


Woo go Skins!

The Super dome here in NOLA today was LOUD, particularly after the fracas between Evans and Lattimore.


Brady will be under the pump this week with Von Miller and no Edelman to dump off to!


That might cut the margin down to a 3 touchdown victory.
Actually expecting us to lift for this one however not enough to win.


Add Richard Sherman to the list of star players out for the year. Torn achilles.


This is a great article on Sean McVay and the revitalized Rams. Oh to be young and fearless again…


Don’t screw this up Niners.


lol, you know your season is getting bad when you lose to the 49ers, And by lose, I mean getting your butt handed to you.

Meanwhile the Cowboys are getting pummelled.


Going to be tough for SF to lose from here…up 31-13 with 3.14 to go.


I don’t even know how to react. We won?!?


No, you obliterated them.


Yep, I was being facetious! Luckily saw most of it. The Giants players did not look like they wanted to be there.


Pats demolish the Broncos pretty easily.

Was expecting a bigger fight from them than we got.


Nah, Broncos aren’t much chop behind Osweiler. Most disappointing.


Oz wasn’t actually that bad and I’m not his biggest fan.
Special teams were laughable and our D certainly ain’t what it used to be.
Still half a season to go.
Need to draft a quality young QB which is easier said than done.
We usually get one in who is ready to go.
At the moment I even miss Tebow time.

As long as a The Pats,Raiders or Quiefs don’t win The Bowl then us fans of The Orange Crush will cope.


What happened to the once invincible Broncos D? You could at least rely on keeping the other teams scoring under control.
Special teams did kill any chance you had today.


Few injuries and a few departures but it still should be performing way better than it is.
I’ve been reading a couple of The Bronc’s forums and the general consensus is McCoy and his dreadful offensive play calls aren’t giving the D enough time on the sidelines for a breather.
McCoy is copping the heat more than Vance Joseph.
We have a volatile locker room so don’t be surprised if things get real ugly in the next couple of weeks I guess similar to the Giants.


NFC race is way more interesting than the AFC race so far this season.
Eagles,Rams,Saints and Vikings all look tough.