Nfl 2017/2018


Go Fark yourself Atlanta for letting those scumbags win


I’m waiting for Black Kavanagh’s glass half empty review of New England’s win.


Fark me I hope the Jags roll New England next week.


Pretty scrappy to start with from both sides but we adjusted better after the first quarter and that was all she wrote.

Only going to face better teams from here on out.

Seriously hope Tom can get us another one!


It’d be a brave person to back against the Patriots given their recent history.


hahahahah @ Steelers, teach you start talking ■■■■ about a team 2 weeks out.

Allowing 45 at home, ouch. They will have nightmares about that one.

Pats look great, so many offensive weapons

Pats vs Philly SB would be great


I think he will.

The Jags QB played a hell of a game, would be hard to back that up.

Steelers defence was junk, surely Pats defence will do a better job.


Vikes are going to bottle this



What. A. Win.


Holy farken hell!
Amazing stuff with a 69yd TD at the death.
Lead changed 3 times in the final 90 seconds


What a mistake by the Saints safety. Shows why it’s better to tackle than bump…if permitted, of course.


My missus made me change the channel with 5 minutes to go


Violence against women is wrong and evil…most of the time.


Professional AFL and rugby players must look at the general standard of tackling/defence in the NFL and laugh themselves silly. A whole bunch of 6’4", 250lb monsters whose idea of a tackle is jumping helmet-first into some guy’s knees.


Go Patriots! Our run D was great and we’ll need it v Fournette


Steelers play calling/clock management was horrendous.
Pats will not be troubled by The Jags unfortunately.

Think the last hope for us folk praying The Pats can be stopped lies with The Vikes getting the home stadium for The Bowl.
That being said they have a mighty tough one with Philly coming up.

Loved today.


Foles? Na I think I will go Vikes


Foles or Keenum you wouldn’t have picked that preseason!


Funny how much people hate Pats here.

I guess it’s kind of link Hawks at their peak combine with EFC drug saga X 5

Tommy’s going to bring another one home


Vikings v Patriots in Minnesota would go off!