Nfl 2017/2018


I wonder if people back in the 80’s and 90’s were this salty about Joe Montana.


I dislike some teams so it doesn’t matter who their QB is. Have never liked the Pats and that was long before Brady was around but I’d still rather they win than Philthy Philly


@goldengoose thanks again for your feedback and support throughout the season as always!

Wouldn’t be the same without ya!

Now to cheer the GOAT march into his sixth hopefully!

Thanks bro!


Yeah same back at ya!

Unbelievable season, I really thought we were in trouble early but they fixed the D up to compete and we have Tom so we will always be ok on the offense.

I’m more confident against Eagles than Falcons. Matt Ryan was mvp. Foles is a solid back up.

We will have Gronk.

Bring it on


Did anyone see that clown drive up the Rocky steps?

Was that hit on Gronk dirty, or just a bit late?


Na it was mainly due to height difference. Guys heads came together when he ran into him. Penalty but that’s all


Brady was epic when the game was there to be won. True GOAT.

Really surprised at and sad for the Vikings. Rare is the opportunity to contend for a SB on your home turf…


Great effort by The Pats to get to another Super Bowl which they will probably win.
One hell of a dynasty that in our lifetimes we will never see matched.

That being said after watching that game late last night (had to work Monday morning) I thought the refs were utterly disgraceful
If I were a Jags fan I would have kicked the cat.



Season not even over yet and probably the biggest move of the off season has been made.

Appears Washington has walked away from Kirk Cousins with reports surfacing that Kansas and Washington have agreed on a deal to send Alex Smith to Washington.


Apparently 4yrs $90m plus and $70m guaranteed. Alex got paid!

My Niners now looking at close to $30m per year for Jimmy G :scream:


It will end up costing more if the franchise tag him for a season or two.

Might as well pay up now, unless they aren’t sold on him being their long term QB, but not sure what else he has to do to sell them on that though.


Browns missed out on another QB as well, given they were also interested in trading for Smith, Chiefs didn’t want to trade him within the same conference.


Mr Smith Goes To Washington

Sounds like a good name for a movie…maybe Jimmy Stewart, Jean Arthur, Claude Rains and Thomas Mitchell for the main parts.


We might get Cousins.
Wouldn’t be against the move considering our QB troubles recent seasons Mile High.


Doubt he goes to Denver. Cousins is purely after money first. Jets or Browns most likely IMO


Gronk ready to go. Good to have the big fella in for this game.

I’m confident in this one. Foles has been playing well but he is a glorified back up going into the biggest game of his career!

Can not wait for Monday


GOATS going to do, what the GOAT does!


I think it will be close. The Philly Defense is awesome. I think it will come down to Foles.

So, Pats will win.



I’m confident as well but not overly.

We’ve lost to Peyton’s far less talented brother in these things before and I was confident heading into those ones too…

IF we win, I’ll be so shattered that Edelman didn’t get to play :disappointed:


Let some air out of the balls??