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Firstly, congrats to the Eagles and their long suffering fans. Deserved to win.

It was a fun SB though the total and surprising lack of defense (until that fumble/sack of Brady) ensures that it isn’t an instant classic.

What about that missed FG for the Pats though? And that Brady playing receiver drop on 3rd down? I think those 2 moments were critical in the end.

On the other hand, give full credit to Doug Pederson (the Eagles’ coach) for never once going into his shell (see that, Atlanta?). He Da Real MVP.


When you have gone early…

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That would suggest he’s been offered the top gig at the Pats after Bill leaves, probably in the not distant future.


Or he doesn’t want to leave New England on a sour note, like losing a SB.

Plus Patricia is already leaving but our defence was an abomination all season anyway so I think he can be replaced.

I think McDaniels is super close with Brady outside of football as well so that would also play a part.


I actually feel sorry for Brady, threw for a total of 505 yards a Superbowl record and lost on 33 points another Superbowl record.

Even when Brady loses he creates records, a true sign of greatness. #GOAT


I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill calls it quits when Brady does.


Neither would I but I can see Tom playing for another 2-3 years.


Apparently the Colts had already signed assistants at McDaniels request.

That’s gotta be annoying for the coach they end up with.


Bit hard on the Colts. He had agreed to terms, he had requested certain assistant coaches and he had never shown any indications he wasn’t coming. He even agreed to the press conference. Kraft offered him more money to stay and he went for it (among possible other offers).

He may struggle to get a job anywhere else after so badly and publicly burning the Colts, so he better hope his money is worth it.

Dianna Russini
Spoke with several members of what was supposed to be McDaniels’ Indy coaching staff. They have not heard from Josh McDaniels regarding the change of heart. Just as blindsided as the rest of us. #Colts

1:51 PM - Feb 7, 2018 · Manhattan, NY
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Apparently (just like when he turns the Niners down last year) the rationale is not uprooting his family. I wonder how the assistants he hired feel? They have families too…


The locals are taking it well:


Everyone getting their panties in a not of him turning the job back.

Have you ever not got a better offer to stay where you are? It happens all the time in the real world.

I’m absolutely dumbfounded over the outrage over this.



They could have woken up Thursday with Josh McDaniels as coach.


It was very dirty. Not sure why you can’t see that. He waited until after they had publicly announced his signing and then walked away to stay with his mummy and suckle at her breast despite being, allegedly, a grown man.


Its a bad look sure but man if my boss said to me “I will pay you what you were going to get at your new job AND you have less responsibilities with a succession plan” and I get to work at the best organisation in my field (lets face it the Pats organization is the best in the NFL).

As IF any sane person is not going to take that offer.

Bad optics, good decision.


Not for the Pats. He will fail as a head coach.


As he would have at the Colts :wink:


yep, Colts actually dodged a bullet there.


Then stop crying about it :joy:


Who’s crying about it moron? They guy has screwed himself over (and the Colts but he did them a favour really), after the Pats have dumped him he will be lucky to get a janitor’s job in the NFL.