Nfl 2017/2018


Tough loss on Monday, hope we get an actual defense this offseason then should be good to go again. Got to ride out Brady until he finishes up, 505yards in a SB? At age 40? GOAT.


Agree about The Colts dodging one.
Know all too well about McD being the guy in charge.


Apparently Colts 2nd choice for the HC position was Vrabel who took the Titans job.

Also McDaniels has also been dropped by his agent as well.


Jimmy Geejus! Highest paid player in the NFL. 5yrs $137m.


Guess Rodgers and Cousins are now doing cartwheels of joy.

[EDIT] by “Highest” I mean on a per year basis


Jimmy G done got paid.

Doubt he will remain the highest paid player in the NFL for long. Not with Rodgers working on a contract extension and Cousins due to hit the FA market.


Great payday for a guy who hasn’t really done much yet.

I will be interested to see who picks Baker Mayfield and how they use him.


Seahawks cut Richard Sherman and he promptly meets with the 49ners.

Makes sense given one of the 49ners biggest needs is at CB, but it would add some nice spice to those division matches against the Seahawks.


Signed! 3 year deal.

Oh my god. I still haven’t forgiven him for the post NFC championship hate-fest BUT he will make the team better and bring a wining mentality.

Thumbs up from me.


Case Keemun to the Broncos


Going to be interesting where we go with pick 5.

Gotsis facing a rape charge came out today also.




Drew Brees re-signs with New Orleans. 2-year deal worth up to $50 million.

Allen Robinson expected to sign with the Bears.

Case Keemun expected to sign with the Broncos.

Sammy Watkins to the Chiefs on a 3 year/$48 million contract.

49ners to sign Weston Richburg from the Giants.

Appears the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes are down to Jets and Vikings as the main players.


Great round up. Didn’t see any of that yesterday.

With Cousins it may not even be that many. Jets are reportedly close with Bridgewater, so it leaves just the Vikes, which is looking like the final ticket.

Amendola apparently going to Miami.


Malcolm Butler signs with the Titans.


Bridgewater to the Jets on a 1-year deal to compete with McCown for the starter’s job after he was also resigned for on a 1-year deal. Suspect those moves suggest that the Jets are still going to take a QB in the first round of the draft as well.

Bradford to the Cardinals in a 1 year/$20 mil contract.

Suggest that Cousins is pretty much a lock for the Vikings at the moment unless something drastic and unexpected occurs.


Jimmy Graham to the Packers, who have also released Jordy Nelson.


Reports suggest that the Dolphins are going to release Suh as well


Amendola to the Dolphins as well.


This makes the AFL trade/FA period look like kindergarten in comparison.


Dion Lewis to the Titans.