Nfl 2017/2018


Osweiler back to Denver

Austin Carr cut but Hollister kept…weird


Starts Friday, got both Friday and Monday off. Cant wait…a reason to like Mondays again!


We are one injury away from Brock actually throwing for us again.
Would of kept Sloter myself but in Elway we trust.


Patriots totally and utterly ■■■■■ the bed.

Unforgivable to a very farking toothless KC team.

Worst game Brady has had in about 10 years in my opinion. O-Line gave him plenty of time and he still couldn’t hit receivers.

Our defence would have to be one of the worst in the league as well, even when healthy. We have 0 pass rush whatsoever and it cost us that game.

Pathetic from a team that should be crushing teams like that at home.

Nfl 2016/17

The biggest worry was your defense. Smith had a good game, but just rushing 3 the whole game long, when it wasn’t working, was a head scratcher.


Injuries have limited us but we have practically no pass rush at all.

Patricia was really limited in the plays he could run once Hightower went down which made it even worse but then also just total brain farts from the likes of Gilmore in coverage were mind boggling stuff.

Edelman getting hurt will hurt us more than Gronk last year IMO.


You’re right about Edelman, but you’re still going to put a bunch of points on the boards in pretty much every game. But with such a porous defense, you’re going to need to.



Our defence seriously needs to extract the digit heavily based off that game.

Our D-Line was woeful bar Flowers.

Butler and Gilmore will be in for a very rough season if that continues as Smith had no pressure on him for the entire game.


KC is not a pushover. Alex had a great game (likely his best ever) but KC has many weapons. Wonder how Berry’s injury will impact the rest of the year.


That was a wake up call for the Pats, no doubt Belichick will get them back on earth…
Always good to see them lose though, go Dolphins! :slight_smile:


Dominant team in the NFL over the last 15 years loses a game. Let’s run for the tissues.


Brady had a bad game against KC a few years back…got written off…won the SB.

Defensive efforts were Rubbish…Gilmore needs a rocket for that Hill TD!

We have no pass Rush but I think when you have Richards playing LB ya gonna have a bad time!

On to New Orleans


I, for one, enjoyed that result immensely. Fark the Pats.

That rookie RB for KC looked mighty impressive, even with the early fumble. And I think Smith will be playing with a chip on his shoulder given all the talk over Mahomes. Looked v good in that game, made some very nice deep throws which has always been the knock on him.


So many good games tomorrow. Early night for me up at 3am. Might watch Steelers v Browns or Titans v Raiders. GB v Seahawks and then Giants v Cowboys.


Kareem Hunt’s 246 yards from scrimmage was the most ever on debut.
He was something else.

In other news, Ezekiel Elliott wins an injunction against his 6 game suspension.


Well, the 2016 Niners had no problem showing up in 2017.

At least the Seahawks got done!


The Chiefs are a good team.
No shame in losing to them.
Unfortunately they and The Raiders are both in our div and both look strong.

The Bungles and Houston stunk today at home.


KC have it over us, was never a walk in the park


A little too close for comfort but


Gave The Cowgirls a nice old beating.
Was beautiful.