Nfl 2018/19


Cleveland being Cleveland

The Cleveland Browns fired coach Hue Jackson and offensive coordinator Todd Haley on Monday after a three-game losing streak derailed a promising start to the season.


Didn’t help that Jackson and Haley couldn’t get on the same page.
I expected one of them to be fired, but for both to go, it’s quite impressive.


Niners having an amazing season…

…in terms of draft order.


Patriots doing just enough, 84 yard pick 6 by DMac helps


Wasn’t a great game.
FG game until relatively late, only one offensive TD. Pick-6 came as the bills were pressing very late to try and get back in it.


The only team we can rely on for the most part.

You have the Sox as well I spose but these guys basically make sport enjoyable :joy:


It find it really weird that the Pats are 6-2. They aren’t playing good football. Win ugly most weeks. Its Crazy…they just get it done. Hopefully we smash Green Bay, they just got rid of Haha Clinton Dix.

Im on a high still from Red Sox…have hardly watched any Celtics/Bruins games


Montgomery traded to the Ravens.


Clinton Dix to the Skins for a 4th rounder. If he fits in this strengthens what’s been a pretty solid D so far. Moves Nicholson to 3rd safety which is a good move - he’s not quite ready yet.

Golden Tate is a good player, surprised Detroit moved him. Wish he’d gone somewhere other than Philly…


Eh, close enough.


Am currently leading an NFL tipping Comp which is worth an ok bit of coin.
My lead is 2.

What do you guys think about this dreadful game tomorrow?
I ■■■■■■■ hate The Raiders but my original thought was they might get up.
The betting however has San Fran faves.

Absolute shocker of a game to pick.


9ers for sure.


I am a Niners fan and I say…


Mainly as our 2nd string QB is likely out tonight. And, I know better than to expect the 3rd stringer to win.




I tipped Raiders


Expecting a belting, so now how good is this Niners rookie cutting up the Raiders

Still a long way to go, but the team/game looks better than last week.


Niners up 30-3 vs the Raiders.


Sorry @Sammy_Hagar ouch


Not a biggie mate.
Surprisingly those just behind me tipped The Raiders also.
They are deplorable.


Unbelievable how far backwards they have gone