Nfl 2018/19


As a Niners fan I can honestly state that is one of my top-5 highlights of all time :slight_smile:


Wasn’t it alleged that the play call had to do with Lynch’s contract and they didn’t want him to claim a huge contract citing his SB-winning catch (that didn’t eventuate). That’ll learn ‘em!


Time. Throw it…if it fails…run it in. Chew some clock…don’t give Brady time to win it.


That is silly talk

This game is literally built around plays

I could slice up moments from Gaints SB, even the Philly SB and add a what aboutism and Tom could have a couple more rings.

Next you will try and argue why Rodgers is a better QB than Brady :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Just appreciate the GOAT


I like you man, we will get along ok


Hadn’t heard of that before mate but if so that’s ridiculous.


Big game today.
Should be a good one.


Steelers dominated apart from the very first possession. :smiley:
21-52 final score.
Tied most points allowed in Carolina history.


Didn’t see any of it - Picked Pittsburgh but am surprised at the score.
Steelers as per usual going to be hard to beat when the real stuff gets going.


Let’s hope so!


Dez season over before is started



5 minutes from the end of his first training session.


Check these two stats out:

Baker Mayfield had his first 3 TD game of his career. It is the first 3 TD, 0 INT game by a Browns rookie QB since Tim Couch in Week 8, 1999 vs the Saints.

Baker Mayfield completed his first 13 passes of the game. That is the most consecutive completions to start a game this season, and the best mark for a Browns QB to start a game since at least 1991.


Happy for my battered up Skins to get through today


Pats got a hiding from The Titans.


It was great to watch.


Yeah The Pats sucked all over the field today. Gordon was the real positive.

Dion Lewis “Glad we gave them an ■■■ whooping, that’s what you get for going cheap”

Bro, they gave you a go when your career looked over…got you a ring…so shut the fark up


Eagles’ Super Bowl hangover gets worse. Lose at how to the Cowboys in a close one.


And gives the Skins a 2 game lead in the NFC East.

Bout time the Cowboys did something right.


Tough loss for the Niners and our 3rd string QB Mullens. Completely on our defense in the end. Can’t blow a 20-10 lead to the Giants.