Nfl 2018/19


Chargers have scored 23 points in the second half to lead the Steelers 30-23 with less than 8 to go.

Chargers first TD from a missed call.
Second when 2 Steelers tried to make the INT and the ball went up in the air for a Charger to catch in the end zone.
Third from a 77-yd punt return.
Fourth conventional.


3 straight offsides against the Steelers FG block team. One missed FG, one blocked FG both negated due to the penalties, 3rd FG attempt is nailed despite the penalty. Crazy.

Chargers win 33-30


30 all as time about to expire.

Chargers have a 39-yd FG to win, misses
Steelers offside
34-yd FG, blocked
Steelers offside
29-yd FG, successful
Steelers defender dived past the kick
But offside anyway


How about them Chargers, Rivers is a gem. No one is giving them any credit and flying under everyone’s radar. Put Melvin Gordon back in the side, Bosa starting to get confident with his foot, and they will be a chance come play offs.
They always start slow and give up early points, but always work their way back. Love watching Rivers play calling.


Not much going right for the Giants this season, but this was fun by OBJ


They have to make the playoffs first.


Pats keep on trucking with a 24-10 win at home over the Vikes.

Move to 9-3 despite playing some really poor footballl in patches this year.

We’ll be there abouts at the pointy end once again IMO.


Spewing about Chris Harris breaking his leg today.
Wolfe busted his ribs also.
I was confident of winning out to get the wildcard.
After those 2 injuries it’s a massive uphill battle now.


Whoever gets it done will win MVP.


Nothing fishy here:


“Not a scheme fit”

Who the hell is Josh Johnson?


Cant believe the Patriots lost this morning, unbelievable!


George Kittle, Ladies & Gentlemen!


49ers end our stupid season.
That and Sanders rupturing his Achilles at training.

I backed San Fran today knowing who was out for us.


The real victim in all of this.


Hows the Steelers going down to the Raiders!


Da Bearz up 15-6 to the Rams, 5 to go in the 3rd.

Some lineman playing his 97th game made his first catch ever for a TD. Memories of the Refrigerator.


Linking the final play on the Pats loss.

I’ve been watching NFL for 10 years and I’ve never seen the final play of the game come off with the sideways passing. Surprised teams don’t do this more during the game.

Also that’s Gronk at the end there trying to make the tackle.


Bears win 15-6


It’s a thing of beauty