Nfl 2018/19


how bout them cowboys


Well Gost missing a extra point and field goal didn’t help


That will seal it for the Seahawks.

Been the best game with only 6 points scored I’ve ever seen up til that.


Didn’t see today’s game but how good have Seattle been recently?
Look like the form team of the comp.


You need to watch the game with dark glasses on. That Seattle home outfit of iridescent lime green is confronting.

I think it was 3-0 at orange time, in good conditions, and the commentators were hoeing into Kirk Cousins big time.


Great win by the Chargers, never gave up. Mahomes would be thinking wtf happened.


They are a very different team to the last few years.
A damn tough team to watch.
They are almost last in passing yards and first in rushing yards.

They are in form, but if they play New Orleans (indoor team) or the LA Rams (there’s no such thing as winter out west) in the Playoffs, that running advantage won’t be as great advantage.


Bears win against Packers and win NFC North, first time since 2010.


SF win in OT vs the Seahawks with a FG.

There is something very satisfying about beating any Hawks team, no matter the football code, even if your season is wrecked.


And Steelers beat the Patriots 17-10.


So many penalties and lack of Redzone killed us…Should have won 24-17…just couldn’t get it done


We are a rabble this year compared to what we are used to.

Our secondary are a liability and the likes of Hogan, Edelman and co aren’t up to scratch anymore. Edelman coming off a knee which can be expected but we simply do not have anywhere near enough weapons of offence to get past the first round of the playoffs this year.


Plus Gronk is on his last legs. Lucky to have Gordon…Feel bad for Dorsett…bloke probs thought he would be next in line after Cooks.


The decision to trade Cooks well before we had to looks stupider and stupider with every game that goes by.

The only plays on offence we have is hand it off to Michel for a draw or hit White out of the backfield. Everything else is a cluster fark.


Eagles (behind Foles) are handing the Rams’ arses to them. In LA no less.


I tipped all the outsiders to catch he lead guy…half right


Plus I have a Cooks jersey!!!


For the FIRST TIME in ELEVEN TRIES my Niners beat the Seahawks! This includes 7 losses while I lived in Seattle.

Oh, and I am in Sydney at the moment which means we only beat Seattle when I am NOT in the country.


Pats lose WR Josh Gordon indefinitely due to violating terms of his conditional reinstatement.


Yeah, he said he is battling mental health…makes sense. Its ■■■■■■ legal in America to smoke weed. Just let him play!