Nfl 2018/19


Pats will probably get the first round bye…which is embarrassing for the other teams…Pats are battling…but still get it done!


Pat’s get it handed to them…they play us (Bills) twice a year.



Would it hurt to get a Franchise Quarterback, 1 good Wide Receiver, 1 good Cornerback and a Running Back? Then, maybe we won’t look like a complete joke next season when we throw away players for SFA.


Pats walk into the playoffs beating the Jets pretty easy. Jamal Adams is basically their only good defensive player.

2nd Seed. Week off.





That’s who I see winning this weekend.


I’m going Chargers, Indy, Seattle and Chicago.


Fark Seattle.



Houston having a RHC at a late comeback.


Saved a little face that’s all.
Colts win easily, 21-7


Seattle v Dallas is a better quality game so far.

Evenly poised at HT


Cmon Seattle. I wanna see Dallas go out on their home turf while Jones loses his ■■■■ in the owners box.


Great catch by Baldwin.


And Seattle go ahead with a TD and 2 pt conv.


Chargers completely stifle the Ravens, Jackson only gets going in the 4th when the game was effectively over.

Bears lead 10-15, over the eagles, deep in the 4th and have the ball.


Bears kicker fluffed a fairly easy shot by hitting the cross bar and losing the game for his team. He won’t be the kicker next year.




Patriots v Chargers 5am. Bring it on


The silence after the game was eerie.

It actually hit the left upright and then the bottom bar, popped up a bit, but was going the wrong way.