Nfl 2018/19


Fark me, that was something.

I don’t think he lasts the season without a major injury though. That line can’t block anybody.

Boy that felt good though… I was getting an ungodly amount of ■■■■■ at halftime from a couple of Bears supporting relatives.


Hope you gave it back. Imagine losing when you lead at half time 20 - 0 and with their QB on one leg.


Fitzy is back


Great game by Rodgers and GB. He is a ripper.
■■■■■■ Chargers are the same ol, always find a way to lose. Special teams are a joke, the kicker is hopeless, wide receivers dropping downfield catches, and still in with a chance with 5 mins left.
Going to be interesting to see if they get it together. Bills next week, surely they can’t lose that one.



Did enough to get the win and that was it.

I tell you what though, we have that defence in the SB and we win against the Eagles… Plain and simple.

We actually have something resembling a pass rush now.

Brady had a really solid game despite only having Gronk as his only legitimate option on offence.

We made Watson look second rate, he’s young though and will bounce back no doubt.


Dorsett was good


Darnold pick 6 first down of career


Was watching the Jets destroy Lions. It was ugly viewing if you are a Lions supporter.

Raiders have started strong against the Rams, playing hard football.


5 picks from the Jets on Stafford




Bills season over before it began.
Lets give away our 6th quarterback to a team that’s gonna prosper better than us.
We should be renamed the Buffalo Pelicans.


Well your Bills play my Lions in December so At least one of us will see a win before Christmas.


Atleast you have a franchise quarterback.
We give ours away like skittles at a Hanna Montana concert!


Love beating the Raiders.
Even better when they thought they had us.


Well this is a new one:


Patriots trade in Josh Gordon.


Would have loved him at the Niners. Pats only gave up a 5th rounder. Zero risk for that organization.


Becomes a 7th if he doesn’t play 10 games


The thing I never got was, every other veteran QB in the league got new pieces around them to help on offence.

The Pats just traded everyone away or let them walk to the point where only Edelman and Gronk were the only real decent weapons on offence.

Gordon will be great if he actually applies himself but I could very easily see him lasting all but 5 seconds in our lockeroom when the standards are set for him.


From what I understand the hard work part isn’t his issue. He is the best shape of his life. Its the fact and cant stop smoking weed. Maybe someone takes him under their wing like Slater or McCourty