NHL thread

Devils fan here.
Sabres have a sniff of Norf about them.


Who would have a suitable rink?

We don’t have any of a decent size but for an event like this we would transform one of the basketball venues or Rod Laver Arena

Oh duh, of course.


They do things different in Vancouver. I’ve never seen a sacked coach get a response from the crowd like that.

Bruce, there it is.

There is a real disconnect with the owners/front office. The Aquilinis have a bit of form in being front and centre for the good news- and nowhere to be seen, ( and fobbing off to underlings) when it’s bad. And the new GM has come across as a tad disingenuous, by suggesting the changes were necessary due to the lacking of team/game plan “structure”, ( ie the coaches fault) as opposed to the actual personel on the ice, ( the administration/managements fault). So he threw Bruce under the bus. Bruce inherited the list and had been there a little over a year- the issues go deeper than that.
Not sure if Toccet is the way to go- tough hard as player, but a so so coaching record since he left playing. Comes across as a very good assistant, but maybe not the head coach. Hope I’m wrong, as I don’t want to go thru another sucky Canucks period again.

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And I wonder if the front office feels thare needs to be some hardening up in the locker room.
Toccet is a hard man, and Adam Foote, ( Ex Kelowna Rockets coach) is described as follows:
" He was best known for his physical presence and gritty play as a [stay-at-home defenceman]"
Foote seemed to go just ok the Rockets coach.
Rumors around for a while the locker room is a bit cliquey, so maybe its a play to get things back to basics.

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I still get amazed by how expendable star players and legendary coaches are at NHL level.

The Canucks trade fire sale is still yet to come.

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Yeah, I don’t mind the system though. This time of the season the teams around the mark are moving chess pieces to either push for playoffs or strengthen the list for a serious tilt at the Cup whilst the ones out of contention start moving out players to improve their draft hand and/or free up cap space. Tanking is fully endorsed by all and not be something to be ashamed of like it is here

Yeah I don’t mind it. The players have little to no power in trades, where over here in AFL, they have too much power

A happy medium between those extremes would be nice.

But yeah, in season trading allows a team looking to challenge to fill holes, and allows lower teams to start a rebuild early.

And if you’ve seen any highlights of Connor Bedard… The tank is worth it.

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**Keep an eye 👁️ on **
Tho not confirmed nor finalized, there are further strides being made towards a couple potential @NHL preseason games being played in Australia 🇦🇺 🦘 next season. Situation remains fluid.@espn @NHL @NHLNetwork @TSNHockey #HockeyTwitter

— Kevin Weekes (@KevinWeekes) February 2, 2023

Have heard one will definitely be in Melbourne at this stage


The odds of it being a team I want to watch are slim, but I’ll still probably go.

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No matter which teams come it will unfortunately only be their second string players

We might get the odd 4th liner, if we’re lucky.

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4 teams make sense, play a round robin tourney.
Its a long way, though hopefully all the players give a thumbs up for the travel involved.
Hope they consider a decent venue.
Keep it to 15,000 - 20,000.
anything bigger and game becomes an afterthought for the cheap seats…

Will be at RLA in Melbourne


Perfect, if they get it right.

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