Nicknames for your Wife


Mine is called the fun police, even by the kids👮🏻‍♀️


Wena (her first name) Manuka, because she is a little honey.

She also has a title which l somehow managed to bestow upon her. It is quite organic in that it just kind of grew and grew.

Her full title is "Madame Cranky Darling Doink Doink. The first part is self explanatory, she has a bit of a temper at times and is likely to get cranky at a moment’s notice. Little things can set her off and l am never sure when or why Madame Cranky will make an appearance. The good part is she gets over things quickly and easily. l can’t recall how the last two words were added to her title, or what they are supposed to mean. Perhaps it was just a sound thing.


Clinically, or just her temperament?


Perhaps it would be too much info for here, anyway :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


Little from column A, little from column B


Can I start a thread on nicknames for your husband?


Please do.


Will be a short thread, no matter what the postal survey said


After reading this thread I’ve decided it’s a good thing I haven’t come up with one for her.


Maybe should just change the thread title to include both.

Equal opportunity & all that …




Do you still post under the other’s account? Would make this interesting.


I still maintain that it was all an elaborate scam. I mean has anyone ever seen us in the same place at the same time?


Yes. Several times.

I have not, however, seen you speak while megz is drinking a glass of water.


Yep, plenty of times. You even made a small human together.

Also, Megz has hair.


I call my wife “the Minister of war and peace” or “majority shareholder”


The Disappeared.


l’ll play along.

My wife calls me Bape, it is meant to be a dodgy pronunciation of babe, but it is really quite deliberate. She also calls me ‘Mr. Bortuk’ (sp?) for bald, which l am. Often she signs off messages with ‘boss.’ That is just a generic term, not reserved for me.


Your wife calls you “Mr. Baldy”, Cap ???

Hell’s bells ! Don’t tell Hinch.


Lost in Translation.