No Changes for the Eagles



Reckon they've got bigger problems...


No and no.
If you read carefully, this is a troll that has been spinning for a long time, pretending to have a poor knowledge of English, sometimes misspelled things and others, not, punctuating correctly (and even sophisticated), and then writing something totally stupid . In fact, I am sure that the troll does not really care about being consistent and laughing at himself silly about his own perceived intelligence.

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Righto baldy :wink:


Hooksy needs a weeks rest, should clean him up and cop the week.


Not sure where to put this post really..

I always keep an eye on the attendances. So far this year we are the highest attended team - 52,231 per game ahead of Collingwood's 51,529.

Last 10 times we have met the Eagles at Etihad we have averaged 35,203 per game. The highest was 48913 in round 11 2007 - the night Hirdy kicked the match winner. This was significantly more than any other game. Can anyone tell me why? We were 6-4 coming in to the game. The next best was 43260 in round 7 2012 coming in at 5-1 so that makes sense. Games in the early rounds tended to attract bigger crowds than those late in the year.

Anyway with all that in mind I'm predicting 39-41k this week given the strong home attendance numbers this year and coming off a win.


I thought Hirdy kicked the winner in 2004 (best match I have ever been at)


My apologies. Just watched the highlights, we won by a point on the back of some last quarter heroics from Lucas and Fletcher.


won 1 of our past 16 at etihad


Just for the memories


Play it again Sam!

Remember that was the week after they threatened to suspend Hirdy for criticising the umpiring. Was it 15 last qtr possessions, 3 goals, a stack of clearances and 0 Brownlow votes?


Hocking V Le Cras



If we've had a better night at Etihad I'll be very surprised.

Have always loved this 3AW call of that night - Clinton Grybas was a talent taken far too soon. If you've got 10 minutes to spare tonight do yourself a favour and watch this through to the end.


It was a Friday night game if that helps pump up the numbers.
I got there after work with the Mrs and stood in line for tix to be told they were sold out... walking along the foot bridge someone sold us 2 free tix for $10... finally got into the ground and found our seats at quarter time, score was like 36-6 and we were losing, thought "we shouldn't have bought those tix!"
We were on the top deck looking down on the goals when Hird kicked the winner, one of the sweetest wins that made you believe all was good in the world, and probably got me addicted to AFL at the age of 30 (I was from NSW).


Watching all those replays makes me miss the great man Hird.
What a player. We are all so privledged to have witnessed him grace the field.
Would have won multiple Brownlow if not for injuries.


Is stat ue Lyn?


Far out Bacchus. One of the funniest posts I've ever read on here.


Agree. Should be Hocking IN to play in defence........ After all he excelled there at the start of his career.....


I was at that game, Lucas was unreal and that Fletcher spoil was one of his best.


Funny thing about that game is if it was played under todays interpretation the hird clearing kick with 40s to go would be called deliberate, and the umpires would try and call deliberate on the fletcher spoil too. Just goes to show the absurdity of these rule changes.


Hope Hurley puts shuey into the fence