No Changes for the Eagles


He will also be attacking in the new slo-mo style.


Eleni is umpiring us this week, she is a half decent umpire


We havent won the clearances and only in one game we marginally won the inside 50 so far all year....So we need to change something with our mids or setup around the ball. I think a team like WC will thump usunless we correct this


Just saw this on the news. We have already won at the selection table this week if the changes are:

Out: Pannell
In: Glouftis


Apologies for coming in cold here but my suggestions:

Bring in Francis to increase our defensive vs attacking options, which means you could have the option of Hooker or Franga back or even rotating back and forward.

I would like McNeice in as well, and I want to keep the run of McKenna in the side too and give him the opportunity to feel comfortable in the side.

Bird makes sense to bolster our contested ball winning, but I think that Woosha is addicted to speed so I am thinking:

In: Francis, McNeice
Out: Hartley and Bags


We can do it the fast way or we can do it the Myers way.


Worsfold has been loathe to play many of our slow insiders to this point, he has happily (it seems) traded clearances for pace. Although I'd like to see Bird come in, I don't think he will unless it's to replace one of our current inside mids.


Wait... you weren't trolling? LOL


I know what you're saying but the only way I see Hartley being out of the team is when Ambrose comes back in.
We can't trust Francis to hold down a key forward just as yet.


Except it would be a West coast jumper?


If you look closely mate he said centre clearances not clearances as a whole. In centre clearances bird averaged 1.7 while Z Merrett averaged 1.5.

As for contested possessions again he looked at the average in which he correctly states bird was 2nd.

He wasn't knocking Zach merely pointing how how well bird performed last year with those numbers and how that would add to team which is struggling in that area.


Myers needs game time in the 1s, he stays in


Well if Zaharakis is out injured, then i'd play Mutch - Try to make it a like for like replacement.


I agree that Hartley is unlikely to be dropped before Ambrose or Brown comes back in. But I can see a time coming when havoc will be created by the interchangeability of our fowards, backs and midfielders

Francis doesn't have to be a KPF with Joe and Stewart already forward, it could be more like a job share amongst 3 talls, or 4 talls including Hooker, with Hooker and Francis rotating back and forward.

Heck, Brown could join the fun going forward and back. Our mosquito fleet can also go forward, mid and some back as can our mids and some small backs too.not to mention JD and Stewart both relief rucking.


Out: Mr nice guy
In: Well Hellooo there Sammy


Francis dropped because he's not fit enough to run out a half in the seniors. Does ■■■■■■ all in subsequent VFL outing. Blitz says bring him in...


In the Geelong game Myers mostly played on the wing, aka an outside midfielder, but he was focussed on attack. OK, he may have dropped back into defence to some extent, but the reality was that Zerret and Zaka were the main midfielders who dropped deep into the backline to backfill our defence and create outlet options.


Well at least we are lucky you are here or otherwise Woosha may have listened to me and made an awful mistake.


Good pickup. I found that really interesting.

Unlikely types to fill the holes but effective. Drew them into the play.


You'll have to pardon my abrasiveness, I'm relatively new around here and am still getting a grasp for how folk actually think about our team and these threads. That is to say most of it is pie in sky stargazing about how we'll dominate in the future... You make sound arguments for Francis' inclusion as a backman..... when he's ready. But I don't see how any of your arguments address his readiness to play that position now. Do you honestly think he's ready to play CHB now? What have you seen after his last two senior performances and subsequent VFL match to suggest he is capable of playing that role this week? Can you imagine what Kennedy or Darling would do to him if he lined up on them on Sunday? I don't necessarily like the Kennedy/Hartley match up, but it's the only real option at the moment. In time, Francis undoubtedly offers great flexibility and a dynamic edge to our side, but I would've thought it was pretty obvious he's not at that point yet.

Apologies if I was a touch too forthright initially...