Nrl 2018


I was because I lived there for a while, but changed to Melbourne when they came in.


C U Next Tuesday




It looked done early in the second but Samoa coming hard at Tonga at the minute. 36-18 with 23 to go. Decent crowd of 17K @ Campbelltown.

The Kumuls accounting for Fiji earlier in the evening


Another try to the Samoans! Game on!


Oh well, it was fun whilst it lasted, but Tonga are home now. I’ve never seen so many flags, the crowd is bathed in red and white.


On the way to tonight’s game, absolutely freezing


Geez, popped into the Cathedral for a couple and could have sworn I was in Bondi. Easts jerseys everywhere


Nelson Alphabet is our only try scorer and our worst player at the same time


Don’t really like either side but I’m certain that was Margetts moonlighting as ref tonight


huuuggggeee finish


Weird game last night. Eels should have won easily but Dragons used one of their get out of jail cards.
Two decent grubbers two goals - Widdop & Hunt ordinary otherwise I reckon.


Great win Storm


Good first half this


Storm getting some rank calls. This rookie ref is hopeless.




Man these freaking penalties are garbage. Come on!




Holy ■■■■ it’s raining tries.


What an entertaining second half. Left the AFL for dead at the SCG.