I thought blackface was supposed to be racially insensitive.


still no update on the EFC site.

And the VFL fixture is still showing the 2017 games.

Not sure how much of this is at our end and how much is with Telstra. But it’s disappointing these things take so long to update. Losing control of our website has come at a price.


Yep, It certainly went to the dogs when it went to “The Dogs”!


Also annoyed that Jake Long isn’t put on the senior list page, still on the rookie list page despite his promotion being confirmed.


It is always well into the new year that the player list gets updated on the club website.


Curiously Saad has got his photo up in an EFC jumper and all.

How did he get updated so quickly???


Which is poor given today’s technology. Player numbers are announced and fixtures released weeks ago and the website is way way behind.

@Catherine_Lio - I presume the club’s preference is to have it’s website up to date. yes?


he is known for his speed



Unfortunately the number updates are usually tied to Telstra updates. I actually have no idea when the app or website will be updated this year, so I’m no help!


That’s an infographic of what the list would have looked like if I was able to make the selections last draft.




TIPPA’s looking a bit pale in that lineup.


I assume the updates usually happen after the Official Club photos take place… I think they are usually around mid Jan time or so?


Usually correct, yep. Though the app updates usually happen feb from memory - so a little after the official photos.


How to we regain control of this process?




Lead on Fletch


How about the fixture being uploaded as well?


Fixture seems to be updated online

Within the app if you use the burger menu to choose ‘fixture & results’ the 2018 H&A fixture is there too.


They had the season launch last night and the photo shots are still not updated. Why we don’t have direct control over this process and have to wait for Telstra to do it is just weird.

It’s just shoot, crop, copy, paste, save. voila