Operation Human Shiel


I know. It’s just that he’s a irrelevant [email protected]


That’s not what he is insinuating. A “brown paper bag” is a common reference to being paid under the table/outside the appropriate laws, so that is clearly what he is implying.

And even if he meant what you are suggesting, he could have said it in a way that simply meant “big clubs come with additional perks” which is far less sinister and illegal sounding.

I know he is an irrelevant tool but the club should go bang and get him to rescind that claim.


Gaff and Shiel are both Connors clients. Between the cap used on Gaff and the picks used on Polec, no way would he consider North for Shiel. The chances of them actually having the money if Gaff chose them let alone the picks made it simpler to not even consider them.

By the time Gaff said “no”, North were too late to even get in the race.


Herald Sun

Shiel met a string of Bombers players at an Elwood cafe last week.

Robbo reads Blitz.


Apparently we’re now chasing Ben Long. Bye bye Jake.


Maybe a family reunion!
Wait for Hawthorn to officially delist Cyril and we can finally get him too as a DFA.


It’s only $6410 per week.


Still won’t get a game ahead of Myers


I read that Dylan was a Carlton supporter growing up.

It’s a bit like Setterfield in reverse.

Strange days but I like how it turned out for us.


Just looking at those highlights earlier in this thread a few things stand out to me:

  • he is very very good at finding space in a shoe box
  • his hands are exceptionally clean and quick. combined with the above he is very creative in contested situations and will be our best player in this phase of the game.
  • his kicking to advantage on his left is absolutely top draw.
  • unusually for a left footer he is reasonably competent on his right
  • he has a devastating dummy and shuffle
  • he spreads farking hard from a contest, especially one he won, and looks for secondary involvements in possession chains.

He’s going to have a big onfield impact in my view and sides will be hard pressed to decide who to sit on. He’ll set an excellent standard in offensive work rate for others to aspire to and he’ll be a huge asset for McGrath and parish for developing their craft as I think both have some very similar attributes.

I also think zaha could learn a thing or two about working free of congestion by hand and then working to the outside to receive again. Hopefully we get another big year out of tbell because Shiel will be devastating with regular access to first use at stoppages.

We need to be looking to evolve our stoppage set ups to prioritise using the big bodies to make space for the likes of shiel, parish, McGrath, zerret and Zaha to work in.

There is one obvious down side. We have to wait at least 5 months before we see him play a competitive game for us :frowning:


Anyone know what his traing attitude is like? Is he a first to arrive and last to leave type. Does all the right things for recovery etc?


Consummate professional - footy head



Having a core group leading by that sort of example can only be a good thing for the list overall.


Comes across as a very level-headed professional as per WD comments above.

As some have mentioned, I probably didn’t appreciate how classy a footballer this guy is on-field. I knew he was an explosive give-and-go runner and good hands in congestion - but he has some serious tricks too. That balance and poise on the running left at speed, bombing goals from 50 - there is some silk there. Boy it’s hard not to be very excited about what he is going to add to our emerging midfield.



Way too obscure. I don’t even know what it means


didn’t they even take Chris Judd along with them in an attempt to flex some muscle ? This will help me sleep at night.


Man, to be a die hard Leicester fan that year, would have been farking amazing


can Shiel write the weights program for Mitch Brown? Would become a monster if he had a rig like DS.


Isn’t the issue there that Brown has a shoulder problem (that was made worse by bad surgery at Cats) that does not allow much weight training?