Operation Human Shiel


I think he is busy though mad Monday then the footy trip with the boys. Once he gets back he will be with Parish and Guelfi in the gym.


This guy is no Tim Watson


I mean Shiel
it would be good to get him but not the end of the world if we do not


Townsend is the sort they need too, although neither of them would be the players they are today if they stayed at the Giants.


If he’s laughing with a mate after they get knocked out of the finals, just let him be.


Give him a wristy


Great. Just moved from intervention order to terrorist watch list.


No, I do too!


tell him to ■■■■ off, we don;t want him. *


*i.e. play hard to get.


Day 1 operation human Shiel. He was not on the usual beach dog walk today, and I’m getting on a plane to Perth now, so 2 & 3 will be a write off.
Unsure if my lack of harrassment will be a positive or negative outcome. Also Fark Carlton, just because I haven’t said it in a while.


I wanna know more goss from @Scintilla re: kelly.


What’s this news re: Kelly??


idk, just said they had a connect to kelly last year.

blitz never forgets.


Let’s hope North spend all their coins from the collection on Gaff.
Seriously how could you honestly tour their club and go yeah this is where I want to be. Sandbags for weights, having to collect wages in a tin cup. Strange


If north get Gaff and Polec they will be ok next year. Cunnington, Zeibull and Dumont on the inside is good but they need a few class players who then deliver to Brown.


Haha. What a shitstorm that was! And all amounted to nothing in the end.
I have since moved jobs, so am totally out of the loop there!
They could be expecting a baby for all I know - in fact, let’s go with that. 100% confirmed baby Kelly on the way.


North supporter mate was all hyped about about Polek and Gaff. Mentioned we were into Gaff and ruined his day. He was dismissive until I mentioned Stringer and Smith.


Poor guy,must be so Saad.


I also mentioned him.


So the way we see Hawthorn as a trade threat is the way Norf see us as a trade threat