Operation Human Shiel


Please stay away from him. The last thing we need is him going to another club because of incidents with over zealous Bomber fans


yeah…because that method worked so well for the Crows at their pre-season training camp! Hahahaa


If the hawks get him I’ll vomit

And this ceglar + a draft pick idea is a farking joke


I saw Hawks supporters saying it would be paying overs. Makes me hate them even more


I don’t mind giving Nick Hind a go
just as fast as Shiel I reckon


Hind is better at breaking line and providing run and carry Shiel has him easily covered on virtually every other aspect of the game.


Blitz - comparing a skinny Nick Hind to Dylan Shiel…


Hate to say it but he just has that hawthorn look about him I reckon. I reckon they are right into him.


Watch Hawks land him with second round pick and Roughead.


I don’t believe hawks are chasing Shiel. Been told they’re after outside run, from GWS, I’d say they’re more likely to be into Scully but I believe they’ve been at least kicking the tyres on Gaff.


Hinds run and carry hasn’t even been tested at AFL level, its ridiculous that he’s in any conversation involving recruiting Dylan Shiel.


Was talking more about style, hind is all about tucking the ball under his wing and taking the game on.

Shiel is the classic 70m player. Run 20/30m, kick 40/50m.

Im confident in a good team Hinds run and carry would translate into the AFL.


Wasn’t there talk of Brad Hill being open to return to Melbourne? Hawthorn would surely be in the box seat if it eventuated?

Hill plus Scully addresses their need for outside run post Isaac Smith


This actual real world interaction with Shiel is going to go full Bacchus I can just feel it


All this noise about Shiel to Carlton could amount to nothing but if true it’s possible Essendon have alerted his management that Shiel is not the priority. Maybe it’s all about Gaff or an unknown that hasn’t been talked about yet + going to the draft with their first round pick? Only having this thought ‘cause the media are super confident Carlton will get their man (maybe wishful thinking/or deduction based on what Carlton can offer GWS?)


The media have NFI

They think because Blues have pick1 therefore they have the best trade offer for GWS therefore they in box seat

They think because North Melb have the most cash and putting biggest offer (desperately) to Gaff therefore they in box seat


In fairness to them, we have a history of screwing them over which goes back more than a century.


So you don’t think I should print out the thread and put it in his mailbox?
I haven’t actually seen him for the last few days, and I’m off to the good ol us of a for 6 weeks tomorrow so my part of operation human Shiel has been uneventful.

Now we could argue that me not speaking to him about Essendon would be the best result for all, and just leave it to jackets and the players. But where is the fun in that.


And may it long continue!


Maybe stand outside his house wearing a wedding dress and holding up a boom box playing the Essendon theme song. I don’t see what could possibly go wrong with that