Operation Human Shiel


Smith is ranked 108 in the league.


But Smith is ranked number 1 for choosing best deal making restaurants.

I was out of the loop about the Lobster Cave references on here, so I did a google and seriously, Devon Smith is making himself one of the biggest farkin legends at Essendon. Nothing this bloke can’t do.


Welcome back @Warlock_Paul. Where have you been hiding?


Yeah whats the deal with lobster cave


Long story short ( from what google told me) Devon took Shiel there and convinced him up to pick Essendon.





And they didn’t overdo the condiments.


What there was no caviar??


And Gumby, *sigh, Gumby was the Messiah


Someone is very active on Wikipedia. A recent edit :slight_smile:

Dylan Shiel (born 9 March 1993) is a professional Australian rules footballer playing for the Essendon Bombers in the Australian Football League (AFL). He chose Essendon in the 2018 Trade Period because Essendon are the best AFL team ever. No team can match their 16 premierships and soon 17 as they will win the flag in 2019 thanks to the recruitment of Dylan Shiel. [1]

How about this one:

Shiel always gives money to charity, and is an accomplished pianist.


Both names spelled right so it wasn’t anyone from Blitz.


Find it interesting that whenever trades are discussed and how they’ll get done Shiel is never mentioned,although a couple of articles since Tuesday reckon this years first and next years second seems fair compensation. Either GWS don’t agree or the deal can’t get processed because one or both clubs are waiting on other trades to go through? The delay is frustrating.


Exciting. Suspect more incomings on the way.


The only hole in the story being that Shiel flew in from Sydney the next morning


I think the delay is from GWS


I personally believe L.Neale is prob a better player than Shiel and believe the deal is Brisbane Pick 5 and possibly Pick 32 for Neale…

Yet our Pick 9 and 34, won’t get the deal for Shiel and we may possibly have to pay our 2018 & 2019 1st rounders, it is way overs… even if we get something back…


And the fact that the Lobster Cave was closed that particular night.


Don’t let that stand in the way of the Lobster Cave dinner becoming a legendary yarn for the ages.


yep - just reporting the internets.


Even if what we get back is Carlton’s on traded future second? I think that’s a fair deal.