Operation Human Shiel


Hey guys first time poster long time … um viewer of this forum and the crazy comments lol.

I am agreeing with Pevster. This will be the deal.

Our first round and next years first round.
We receive the Blues future second round pick next yr.

Setterfield deal done and watch the domino affect ! Shiel deal will follow :slight_smile:

Just makes sense! and fair compared to similar deals in past.


You’re assuming FC would be within the bottom 4 say Pick 22… then have to go through any compensation next year could easily push out to 25+

Also, our chances of winning the flag are possibly quite good and i wish we do win it, but realistically i think we may end up with a pick around 13-15 next year…

Not ideal, but GWS are half pushing Shiel out the door due to salary cap you’d expect that our 2018 1st and either 2018/19 2nd would be more ideal or if we manage to trade a fringe player and/or pick for a mid 2nd then use that would be a better outcome for all…


Had to laugh at the FC supporter that called sen saying how he was glad that they didn’t get Shiel and doesn’t really rate him.


I’m sure the ■■■■ Carlton supporters said the same thing when the missed out on Smith & Saad last year as well.


I just have this sneaky suspicion that we are going to annihilate those farkcarltons in 2019.


Not to bring the mood down but I approached our first game against Carlton in 2001 with a similar attitude. Then they had 3 late outs. And it started raining. I eagerly awaited the “annihilation”. Only to see Lance ■■■■■■ Whitnall take us to the cleaners.


Nah, the psychology is all different. We were winners then. All we had to do was get safely through to the finals.

This time, those muppets beat us because they kicked 14.7 out of their arses. It sent our club into an immediate review causing the loss of a coach. It resulted in honest discussions between the players. We were embarrassed basically. And at the end of the year, we missed the finals series when we felt we should have been there.

I think we’ll be wanting to make amends for 2018, and I think we’ll remember the embarrassment of losing to Carlton in 2018, and I think it will come together in this crescendo of awesomeness.


That video of Shiel is very, very good. We don’t have an explosive player like him in our midfield. He will compliment our mids very very well. Has a great sidestep and can get out of traffic easily. His kicking is also pretty neat, there was a lot of good disposal in that video.

Very excited to have him


The way he accelerates from a stoppage is very exciting.


Yep. That’s his biggest weapon. I thought of Chris Judd when I watched that video in the sense of bursting away from the contest. Very similar.

Heppell, Merrett, Shiel, Smith, zaharakis, Langford, parish, and McGrath is the best midfield we’ve had in a very, very long time. There’s a lot to like next season.


Farkcarlton supporters at work still sooking

So happy we got him just to spite those ■■■■■■■


I think Zerrett will be wrapped to have him in the team. Who will they try to tag out of those two. W


Another reason ranking points mean nothing.
All are slightly different players. Sheil brings things to the party the others don’t have.


You’d tag Merrett every time, for mine

It’ll be Interesting to see how he goes without absolute A graders like coniglio, Kelly, ward, Scully etc. I’m really hoping that it’s another Smith situation where he comes across and thrives on with all respect, a slightly less talented midfield group


With the greatest respect WOB, I don’t think you have anything to worry about here.

Shiel was carrying that GWS side long before some of those other boys got there.


Welcome to the madhouse





Your fkd now mate, delete your account before all you do is eat blitz and sleep. You’ll lose anything that you valued and turn into the ultimate forum nerd like the rest of us



Very Harlem Globetrotterish…


I agree. GWS will not be difficult to deal with. We are just looking for more talent to poach as part of a double first round package.