...or is it just me?


I preferred Ella Hooper before she got her teeth fixed.

Is it just me, or…


Good point, one I had not considered.

Black is such a fine descriptor of a personality and attitude though.


A really good use for old CD’s is to hang them in trees with fishing line or cable ties thru a small hole drilled in the top edge
Ibis & other nuisance bird species hate the reflection of the underside of the CD & will go elsewhere


I group my m&m colours and eat orange and blue together in even numbers, followed green & gold and then lastly the clearly superior red & (almost) black.

If I have an odd number I bite it in two so there’s still an even number of pieces.

I’m pretty sure it’s just me.


Reflexively ‘bowing’ (at least with the head) to Asians no matter where they’re from or whether it’s actually a part of their culture and then silently asking yourself ‘why are you like this?’

Edit: Oh, and getting all flustered when they give you something with two hands, wondering whether or not you should do that now and feeling completely awkward either way.


i straighten and sort cards/promotional material/loose items on the counter whilst waiting to be served in shops, or is just me?


I do too, a hangover from working in retail as a student (13 years ago now!)


yes! maybe that’s where it stems from…


I eat them in a coordinated fashion that always leaves a pleasing arrangement of pattern and colour in my hand.


So I guess it is just me who grabs as much m&ms as I can and shove them in my mouth?


My alarm must be set to one of the 15 minute mark of the hour. I’ll never have 5:20. Will always be either 5:15 or 5:30


Twisties and m&m’s.


I accept that I am half-Japanese now anyway. :laughing:

In business, you should show the proper etiquette and receive with two hands, but in personal situations, the expectations on you (as a gaijin) are much lower.


■■■■■■■ freak!


Jesus wouldn’t be able to eat M & Ms; they’d just fall through his hands.


I worked as a trolley pusher as a kid. It’s probably just me, but now I always take my trolley back to a trolley bay. Even if the bay is at the opposite end of the car park and you need a cut lunch to get there these days because you can’t take a shortcut by squeezing them between the farking Toorak Tractors now…


That’s not a very holy thing to say…


Yep, it’s more a holely thing to say…


Not wholly true.


I always take the trolley back. Can’t stand people who leave the trolley just standing in an empty space, or left between cars, just waiting for a breath of wind for it to go free wheeling and crashing into some vehicle.